NHL Rumor Mill – September 17, 2022

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A prediction regarding Bo Horvat’s contract talks, Nil Lundkvist won’t report to Rangers training camp, plus the latest on the Flames in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


VANCOUVER HOCKEY NOW: Rob Simpson believes Bo Horvat will stay in Vancouver. He predicts the 27-year-old Canucks captain will sign a new contract and “the sooner the better”, though he acknowledged negotiations could drag into the upcoming season.

Vancouver Canucks center Bo Horvat (NHL Images).

Simpson doesn’t the player or the team want this to drag on as a distraction. He also doesn’t see Horvat shutting down talks once the regular season begins. Pointing to the Canucks recently signing J.T. Miller to a seven-year extension, he acknowledged it would be a “big commitment” by the club to do the same for their captain.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Horvat’s contract status and his future with the Canucks will become fodder to media trade gossip if he’s still unsigned once the regular season begins next month. Miller was also the subject of conjecture for most of last season and during this summer until he and the Canucks reached an agreement on an extension earlier this month.

I also believe Horvat will sign with the Canucks. For all management’s talk of wanting to stock their roster with younger, affordable talent, they clearly understand how important Miller and Horvat are to their plans going forward.

It wouldn’t be surprising if ownership wants to keep those two around. After spending the past several seasons rebuilding there’s probably little patience for another roster teardown.

How much Horvat gets and for how long will have an effect on the Canucks’ salary-cap payroll over the next several years. It could make it difficult to retain young stars like Elias Pettersson or to find sufficient cap room to address their roster weaknesses.


TSN: cites USA Today’s Vincent Z. Mercogliano reporting Nils Lundkvist won’t be reporting to the New York Rangers training camp when it opens next week. Claude Lemieux, who represents the 22-year-old defenseman, said his client intends to remain in Sweden until his trade request is honored.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: This report eliminates earlier uncertainty over Lundkvist’s intentions. He wants out and he’ll continue training in Sweden until he’s traded.

Lundkvist could be in for a long wait. Teammate Vitali Kravtsov requested a trade last fall after refusing demotion to the Rangers’ AHL affiliate in Hartford. He returned to Russia and spent last season on loan to a KHL team waiting for a trade that never materialized. He’s now back with the Blueshirts hoping to earn a roster spot for the coming season.

A few pundits and bloggers (including yours truly) have suggested several potential trade destinations for Lundkvist. His status as a puck-moving, right-shot defenseman could make him enticing to several clubs.

However, there hasn’t been any hint yet of any clubs making a serious offer to the Rangers. Perhaps that changes once training camps are underway and teams look to address their roster needs.


CALGARY HOCKEY NOW: Steve Macfarlane took note of Michael Stone signing a professional tryout offer with the Flames. He wouldn’t be surprised if the 32-year-old defenseman earns another one-year contract with them if general manager Brad Treliving shops a defenseman or two in return for more forward depth.


  1. Re: “Steve Macfarlane took note of Michael Stone signing a professional tryout offer with the Flames. He wouldn’t be surprised if the 32-year-old defenseman earns another one-year contract with them if general manager Brad Treliving shops a defenseman or two in return for more forward depth.”

    Hoo-boy. Cue the “Weegar-to-Ottawa” chatter again. FlameFan – do you think they’d take Formenton for Weegar even up? I don’t – but just wondering from a Flames-fan pertspective.

    • well ottawa did bring in Motte and signed two guys to PTO’s. Moves that signal to me that they are preparing for a scenario where some forwards get moved out for that D.

      D Is what everyone says ottawa needs. No D signed to PTO’s. Ottawa seems to be looking to the trade market.

      another possibility of signing these PTO’s is they don’t want to hand roster spots out to guys like Pinto and maybe Grieg. (though I’m not convinced Grieg is ready for the NHL. His game is to agitate and be tough in the corners and stuff. Physcially he still may be a bit young and underdeveloped for that at the pro level. time will tell) signing PTO’s forces more competition for spots and young players can feel like they earned them if they do. Motte signed makes me wonder if Formenton is moving out.

  2. Kylington for Formenton, would be an even swap.

  3. “ ..Claude is God and Screw Lemieux “
    Both were T-shirts in the day . I think a mistake by Lundkvist by not making camp. Drury has nothing but time.
    I believe Weeger will be signing Valamaki for Formenton. Treliving likes pairs to it would be multi player

    • Isn’t Valamaki a LD? Dorion is looking for a RD ostensibly to play alongside Chabot. I think Zub could be that guy – but if he ever did get an established RD in a deal that could play on that first pairing, then making Zub the 2nd pairing RB alongside Sanderson would strengthen them even more.

      Same thing with Kylington as suggested by johnny z above. They don’t need another LD – unless one of both these left-shooting D play on the right side.

      • hey george. I think Dorion is comfortable with the chabot-zub pairing. I think he is looking that top 4 like he claims. someone to improve that second pairing. Of coarse improving the top unit will benefit the second unit having zub move down. though again I don’t think that is the goal considering what ottawa is willing to give up in this trade.

      • Jeff, of the 12 teams shown today at CapFriendly as over the cap amounts ranging from $1,486,175 (Pittsburgh) to $10,230.166 (Montreal) three have no LTIR options to cover the overlap: Florida ($3,375,834 over with 22 signed); Toronto ($1,493,116 over with 22 signed and an RFA still to deal with) and Pittsburgh (24 signed so a demotion to get to 23 will likely bail them out).

        There is still the possibility that one among them might be willing to unload a RD with term capable of playing top 4 – and the key word is capable.

        Tampa, while having Seabrook’s $6,895,000 LTIR, find themselves over by $7,195,833 with 21 signed.

        Vegas. with 21 signed, still have to re-up RFA Hague and while they have Weber’s $7,857,143 LTIR and Lehner’s $5,000,000 LTIR to cover their over of $10,236,310 it’s going to be tight without a player move.

      • Kylington plays both sides and could be your 2nd pair guy.

      • Yep options are there for Dorion. I am not advocated the notion Weegar is coming to Ottawa. I’m just pointing out the way things between the two teams are rolling out the rumour of Weegar to Ottawa is going to be a thing and justifiably so.

      • Possibly Johnny Z. I admit I know little of Kylington

  4. Vancouver seems as though they are headed in the right direction? I wouldn’t risk losing Horvat if I were them, get it done. He’s a good player. To me Calgary and Vancouver are two Canadian teams headed in the right direction, especially after what their GM pulled off over the summer. Throw in Ottawa, too. GO AVS!!!!!!!

  5. I am surprised that P.K. Subban and Anton Stralman have not at least ben signed to a PTO. Thoughts anyone?

    • through all the reporting of player desires and such I have the thought Subban is looking to join a cup contending team. So he may be simply buying his time in the hopes of landing such a spot. Though I do recall a report claiming he wants a significant role on a team. I’d think he’d find that on a team with like the Sens who have roles in prominent spots to fill. Though a team like the Sens need to feel a guy like subban could fill such a need. I have not heard a thing about strallman’s desire.

      Though this is all speculation. No substance.

  6. It won’t be Weeger, he said in his interview they were hammering out a deal. Plus when he was talking about the future, he corrected himself to imply he would be here for years. If someone is moved it will be a LD.

    If Tre is looking top six RW it’ll cost one of Hanifin or Kylington plus If it’s a top 9 it will be Valimaki or Mackey plus a 4th round pick.

    Weeger can play left, so if Hanifin gets moved the pairings become

    Weeger Ras
    Kylington Tanev
    Zad Meloche
    Mackey Stone

    Valimaki could move up past Mackey if his reported “GEAT” off-season improves his play this year. Might improve his trade value as well.

    For me Hanifin is the obvious choice, he will bring the most value and after last year’s playoffs, is expendable. Plus being American in this day and age, he is a flight risk.

  7. Nomad, imo It is unlikely Hanifin moves, he had his best season yet, he is still just 25 yrs old, signed to a decent contract for 2 more years and Sutter likes him.

    He already signed once in Calgary for 6 years, I see no reason he would not want to stay put.

    Anybody can be traded, but the return would have to be very good.

  8. If Vancouver has to choose between signing Horvat and Pettersson, you think they should chooose Horvat???

    • Yes and no, Pettersson is the much better player and can improve more, however Vancouver is betting on now and the next 3-5 years, not 8-10. With that said, Pettersson has so much more trade value, he could bring them that RD they need and then some since he is also just RFA in 2 years.

  9. I think Ottawa will be in the mix here. I think Dorion is waiting to see how teams find themselves after cap in relation to the cap.

    Calgary is working from a position of strength. They are strong everywhere and are easily cap compliant. If Ottawa and Calgary work out a trade it will definitely be a hockey move. I think Dorion is looking to get something cheap… Still think Stralman is a possibility.