NHL Rumor Mill – September 2, 2022

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Some potential trade destinations for Patrick Kane and how the Canadiens can add a defenseman in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Mike Stephens took a look at four possible landing spots for Patrick Kane and what it might cost to acquire him from the Chicago Blackhawks.

The Buffalo Sabres are Kane’s childhood team and already have some quality talent on their rebuilding roster. They also have plenty of salary-cap space and have a stockpile of prospects to tempt the Blackhawks.

Chicago Blackhawks winger Patrick Kane (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: If there is a mutual interest in Kane and the Sabres, I think the latter would prefer waiting until next summer to sign him as an unrestricted free agent. They wouldn’t have to part with any players or prospects to get him and the annual cap hit would be lower than his current $10.5 million.

Stephens also suggested the Toronto Maple Leafs as a destination. He acknowledged it would take some financial wizardry for the cap-strapped Leafs to pull it off. Adding Kane would give the Leafs a formidable top-six formation.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Leafs general manager Kyle Dubas has proven adept at salary-cap wizardry in the past. Adding Kane, however, could prove beyond his powers. It would require shedding considerable salary while requiring the Blackhawks to retain half of his average annual value. A three-team trade would significantly reduce the Leafs’ share of his AAV but finding a team willing to do it is easier said than done.

The Detroit Red Wings are another club with promising prospects that could be attractive trade bait. They would have to free up a bit of cap room but it wouldn’t be a daunting task. Kane alongside Dylan Larkin and Lucas Raymond would be a tantalizing combination.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Red Wings GM Steve Yzerman has avoided pursuing big-ticket talent, preferring to acquire depth veterans to augment his rising young stars. He could surprise us with a major move by acquiring someone like Kane, but I don’t

Stephens thinks the Colorado Avalanche adding Kane would be the kind of move we’d expect them to make. Adding the 33-year-old winger would push the defending Stanley Cup champions back to the top of the heap. It would require the difficult task of trying to shed Erik Johnson’s $6 million cap hit plus the Avs only have four total picks in the next two drafts.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Avalanche management has shown creativity before landing quality talent. However, their lack of draft picks and Johnson’s cap hit could put acquiring Kane out of reach.

THE ATHLETIC: Marc Antoine Godin examined how the Montreal Canadiens could acquire a right-side defenseman. They’ll garner salary-cap flexibility with Carey Price expected to be on long-term injury reserve this season, plus they have depth in forwards to dangle as trade bait.

Godin suggests a trade before the start of the season targeting clubs that could be willing to swap a defenseman for a forward (such as Joel Armia) whose contract runs into 2024-25 when the salary cap is expected to significantly rise. The Edmonton Oilers’ Tyson Barrie or the Winnipeg Jets’ Dylan DeMelo could be options under that scenario.

Another could be using their cap flexibility for a temporary short-term fix. Godin suggested the Toronto Maple Leafs’ Justin Holl or the Ottawa Senators’ Travis Hamonic. He also thinks it would be worthwhile keeping an eye on the Carolina Hurricanes, who have five right-side defensemen.

Godin also suggested they could keep an eye on the waiver wire or sign an unrestricted free agent such as Anton Stralman.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bear in mind that Godin is merely making suggestions here. He’s not saying the Canadiens are targeting those defensemen. Still, it wouldn’t be surprising if Habs GM Kent Hughes were to land one of those blueliners or another right-shot rearguard. He’s done a good job thus far addressing his rebuilding club’s needs.


  1. I think Hughes will find a way to pick up a veteran RD. It shouldn’t be DeMelo or Hamonic – those guys are basically carbon copies of David Savard. They need a guy who can move the puck better. With Keith retired, I don’t see the Oilers trading Barrie. Holl would be a good pickup but it would have to be for futures with no salary going back given the Leafs cap situation. And that’s assuming the Leafs would trade him to the Habs. Stralman is probably the most realistic option.

    • “He also thinks it would be worthwhile keeping an eye on the Carolina Hurricanes, who have five right-side defensemen.”
      Bear seems to be a logical choice here.

    • IMO, Howard, and I will try and make this the last time I say it, is that the first impact player the Habs need to bring in is a goalie.

      Allen has one year left. I have expressed my unfavourable opinion of Montembeault enough. Primeau is not ready for a full time back up position.

      Look what happened last year, when the Habs had injuries to Allen, Price and Montembeault and ended up resurrecting Andrew Hammond from the wilderness, such was their lack of goal tending depth.

      Doesn’t that say it all?

      • So …. until they do that they should do NOTHING else … hopefully HuGo are capable of working on more than one dossier at once.

  2. Kane(retain 1/2) and Nic Beaudin for Girard and Compher and a 2025 2nd. If Kane will only go to the Avs. The Avs will need D depth if they trade Girard.

    • And a new GM. That much for a rental? Really?

  3. I don’t believe it’s this years cap room that matters for Kane it’s the next 5. No team is going to trade a bunch of picks and prospects for Kane for one year. Whatever team trades for him or signs him next year needs cap room than. If Patrick cares mostly about winning he won’t want his new team to gut its prospect and pick pool. Should be interesting to watch for sure.

  4. Kane to NYR at the deadline, and then to BUF next summer makes most sense. Why do the Leafs need another forward when goaltending will be their biggest issue? if you’re worried about playoff scoring then get rid of Marner and then bring in Kane

    Wings aren’t going to be a playoff team this year. Bertuzzi and Larkin are coming up for free agency so DET needs to worry about them, not Kane

    • Re…”Why do the Leafs need another forward when goaltending will be their biggest issue?”


      The Wings? See NY thoughts below

      I’ve heard the Oil being mentioned alot too. NOPE!!! He may put them over the top, but I’m convinced they’ve already got a solid core…outside a nasty D and a dirty fwd. Lol!

      I can see the Rangers pulling it off though. They’ve got enough to offer. And a good chance at resigning him.

    • I wouldn’t write off the Wings playoff chances this year quite yet. Yzerman’s signings put Detroit in a position to compete – I don’t think he signed all of those players with the idea of being just a little better in mind. He is being low key about it, refusing to put the new coach under pressure publicly. And I have no doubt that the Wings will sign Larkin long term. Bert is probably trade bait.

      • Spot on imo. I’d also add the Wings D to the mix for the Habs to consider. Would live to trade Hronek for the MTL 1st in 2023.

  5. How about Lundkvist to MTL for a similarly C or LHD prospect caught behind depth, like Mysak ?
    Buy low (lundkvist) and sell high (Mysak).

    • In a split second

  6. I’d LOVE to see Kane in Detroit….BUT….

    – New $6,000,000 x 4 yr deal would have to be agreed upon before a trade.

    – No 1st or 2nd round 2023 picks go anywhere.

    – Suter, Hronek, Velano, Berggren and POSSIBLY Bertuzzi go the other way.

    Otherwise….not worth it! I love Larkin & Copp, but if the Wings are gonna trade anything, #1 C should be at the top of the list.

    Shut up Artsy19…let Mr. Yzerman work his magic! 🙃

  7. I don’t see Kane or Toews agreeing to go anywhere until deadline. Assuming it’s in Feb., there’s a lot that can happen in over 5 months. Why not wait and see who true contenders are? Why uproot your lives now? They have control where they go.

    • Artsie, NYR interest at deadline will depend heavily on performance of guys like Laf, Kakko, and Kravtsov. If those guys continue to develop, I don’t see Drury overpaying for a rental like Kane. And maybe in next 5 months Kane starts to show his age. Maybe his numbers come down or he deals with an unexpected injury. I think roster is set for now. Maybe Lundkvist and Hajek get moved for a young player needing a change or picks. Still think Chychrun could be an option for NY

      • Kakko, Hajek and Jones for Chychrun

  8. “Bear in mind that Godin is merely making suggestions here. He’s not saying the Canadiens are targeting those defensemen. ”
    Lyle, are you insinuating something here? Ethan Bear to the Canadians perhaps? LOL

  9. It will be interesting for Kane without a 40 goal scorer on his line . Who is he making plays with next year ?
    I am certain he stays in the USA. Covid is still a thing and any Canadian team in the mill is wishful thinking in my opinion . Love the player and believe he can play until 40

    • I think the Hurricanes may be the team lurking behind the scenes for Kane.
      Teravainen – S. Aho – Kane? That could be one deadly line in the playoffs.
      Depending on how the season unfolds the Canes could be in a position to go all in.

  10. Well, there go my hopes that Sam Gagner be hired by Ottawa – he just signed a 1-year, $750,000 deal with the Jets. Good for them.

    • Gagner’s contract will be the most cost-effective contract in the NHL for a forward.

    • Very useful player. Very good deal for the Jets.

      • Another depth signing Oil sign Ryan Murray for D depth. Would have referred RD, but pickings were slim. Murray is still only 28, issues staying healthy though.
        Got their 7 NHL D now. Next is what F gets moved?

      • @ Ray Bark:
        The Oil just can send Broberg down and use Murray and be cap compliant using LTIR of Klefbom and Smith.

      • Johnny, if they send someone down I would bet on Koekkoek, but not the issue. The issue they have is only 21 players on the roster and that is with 8 D and only 11 forwards, and they are already over. LTIR doesn’t cover it. MacLeod isn’t signed either, and they need him. Valuable player, and they are trying to win.

        They can start the season with 20 on the roster I suppose, but that is a recipe for trouble with short term injuries, the Vid, or whatever. There is a reason teams don’t do it unless forced to.

        I put my money on moving Foegoele or JP. Broberg is ready and needs to play in the NHL now. If I had to bet Murray will be #7.

        Foegoele for a pick is ideal, and it won’t be much due to the market being tight.

    • Seeing the cost of that contract makes me very sad that Dorion didn’t grab him honestly. But I still feel like he has some irons in the fire.

  11. Only 28 and I believe second overall in his draft. The tell tale for me is he didn’t get a single game in during the long playoff run. Even with Girard out for most of it.
    What is the over under on 40 games

  12. 7 yrs $8M per …. JTM

    Term is not surprising , but trrm AND at $8M, a little surprising to me

    Definitely worth the Cap hit now

    In 6 years…. I’m not as convinced

    • They are all-in! Only need a RD to take Poolman’s place. Worry about next year later. (Horvath mainly)

  13. Kane to Leafs talk is giving me a headache

    No space
    Will cost waay too much
    Leafs do NOT need scoring help as an answer to why they are a great reg season team not being able to advance past round one

    Leafs already top heavy…. Not a chance they could re-sign him if acquired…. So rental costing a ton; and the Leafs still have issues (blue-line and back)