NHL Rumor Mill – October 27, 2022

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More speculation on Jakob Chychrun, the latest on Ethan Bear and more in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


SPORTSNET: In his latest “32 Thoughts” column, Elliotte Friedman reports Jakob Chychrun remains a couple of weeks away from rejoining the Arizona Coyotes. Teams that are interested in acquiring him will want to see if he’ll be immediately impactful.

Arizona Coyotes defenseman Jakob Chychrun (NHL Images).

The New York Islanders could be a suitor. However, Friedman wonders if it would make sense for them to part with draft picks right now.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t see Chychrun as a fit with the Islanders because I don’t see their defense as an issue. They’re middle of the pack (16th) in shots-against per game (31.7), their penalty-killing is at 100 percent as of last night’s action and they have the sixth-best goals-against per game (2.57). Granted, their goaltending plays a big part in those last two stats but I don’t believe they need to bolster their blueline.

Scoring, however, is another matter. They’re 19th overall in goals-per-game (3.14) while their 12.5 power-play percentage ranks 25th overall.

Chychrun’s offense from the blueline could help but what they really need is a scoring forward. General manager Lou Lamoriello reportedly tried to acquire J.T. Miller from the Vancouver Canucks and came up short trying to sign Johnny Gaudreau and Nazem Kadri during the offseason.

GOPHNX.COM: In a recent mailbag segment, Craig Morgan was asked why the Arizona Coyotes haven’t traded Chychrun yet. Put simply, it’s because they haven’t received an offer that would bring requisite value. He also thinks interested clubs want to see him play before committing assets in a trade.

Another reader pointed out Chychrun’s 10-team no-trade clause kicks in after this season. Morgan acknowledged it could make it difficult to move the blueliner to clubs with more tradeable assets. However, he feels the Coyotes will attempt to move him before the March 3 trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Rival general managers could be counting on that in the hope that Coyotes GM Bill Armstrong will lower his asking price by then.


Friedman also followed up on his weekend report regarding the Carolina Hurricanes looking at moving Ethan Bear. Two sources told him the 25-year-old defenseman made a trade request during the summer. The Vancouver Canucks have shown real interest. So did the Washington Capitals around the draft. The Toronto Maple Leafs could also be poking around.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Friedman reiterates that the Hurricanes still see Bear as a legitimate NHL defenseman. They’re not willing to retain any portion of his $2.2 million salary for this season to facilitate a trade. He could end up on waivers and he’d be willing to report to their AHL affiliate to get in some playing time.

Washington Hockey Now’s Sammi Silber doesn’t see the Capitals revisiting their earlier interest in Bear. They’ve now got Erik Gustafsson on their blueliner with Matt Irwin as their seventh defenseman plus several options they can recall from the minors if necessary.


With blueliners Mattias Samuelsson and Henri Jokiharju sidelined by injuries, Buffalo Sabres general manager Kevyn Adams could be examining the trade market to see what’s available.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: So far, they’re relying on call-ups Lawrence Pilut and Kale Clague. That could change if Samuelsson and/or Jokiharju are out longer than anticipated.

Friedman also doubts the Vancouver Canucks are in a hurry to replace head coach Bruce Boudreau. Part of the reason is financial as they still paying former coach Travis Green $2.75 million for this season. Boudreau’s salary pushes that to over $4 million.


  1. I believe … and hope … that the injury to Norris will put an end to any further Chychrun to Ottawa speculation. So far the D – and improved goaltending – has been more than satisfactory so if Dorion is still sniffing around to improve the team at one spot it will likely be a RW.

    Moving Giroux to C on that 2nd line with DeBrincat and finding a RW through trade is infinitely “easier” – not to mention cheaper in terms of what you’d have to relinquish – than getting a bona-fide 2nd line C from any team.

    • Maybe the Sens claim Kieffer Bellows????? Seems like a good option.

      • He’ll be picked up by someone – likely Arizona or Vancouver – long before it gets to Ottawa.

      • And Flyers get Bellows…any Islander fans out there on why they gave up on him?

      • Good question redmonsters. I’d like to hear from an Isles fan as well.

        I’m assuming the waiver claim order is currently based upon last season’s final standings which had Philadelphia finish 4th last, meaning each of Montreal, Arizona and Seattle passed on him.

        For a big (6′ 2″ 200 lbs) 19th overall pick 6 years ago, it’s not like they’ve given him any kind of extended look, with just 68gp during which he has 11g 14a 25 pts. He also has 125 AHL games under his belt with 34g 16a 50 pts, including 22 goals in 52 gp for Bridgeport in 2019-20.

    • Just throwing this out there ….

      If I am Vancouver
      …I am seriously looking at a Pettersson trade …ASAP…

      While I understand his AAV is hard to move in season…this is a player that will go soft over time especially when he gets paid even more IMO

      I think you can really improve this team by moving him for quality assets and getting more aggressive up front and clearing out his money …this is your best trade chip to keep moving forward

      I dont think Pettersson will be worth what he is going to command in his next deal….over the long term…Id shake things up dramatically if there is a right deal to be made by moving him first
      ASAP…regrouping with assets and a change upfront to build a more aggressive team …

      2nd option is to move out the ALWAYS hurt Boeser for anything at this point and just clear his money out for the upcoming UFA season at seasons end !!

      That’s my 2 of my 32 Thoughts …lol….

      Teams to look to as a trade partner would be the :



      • Heh Kal El

        Haven’t conversed with you in a while… good to see you on here

        Re Pettersson and going soft over time…. I’ve no view on that either way

        I just have trouble seeing ‘Nucks moving on from him

        No trade is impossible; but they’d need a bucket of assets back to move any needle… think more than Arz is asking for Chychrun

        Boeser tough to move (due to him oft being injured) IMHO

        As a Pens fan…. I believe ‘Nucks can completely turn things around with one trade….. straight up…. Schenn for Ruhweedel ….. LOL

      • I would add the Islanders to your trade partner list. I know things fell apart between the Islanders and Canucks for Miller, Pettersson would be a better acquisition for the Islanders. A line of Barzel and Pettersson would do wonders for the Islanders scoring issues and powerplay.
        Although I don’t know if the Islanders have what it will take to acquire Pettersson. They haven’t had a first-round pick in the last 3 drafts. They may be hesitant to include this year’s 1st round pick in a deal.

      • I wouldn’t put it past the Canucks to move Pettersson at the trade deadline or this offseason if they remain at or near the bottom of the NHL. If they can get the 1st overall pick (AKA Connor Bedard) plus another 1st round pick and get a d-man like Cameron Allen, they would be well on their way in a rebuild and fixing their defence.
        What the Canucks need to do is commit to a rebuild and see it all the way through. Stop looking for quick fixes in free agency and making trades like the OEL trade.

      • Wings would be in!
        Petterson for Copp, 2023 unprotected 1st, Albert Johansson or Emil Vero, and Robert Haag

  2. Friedman closed his column by disclosing that this would be his last written 32 Thoughts column. He simply doesn’t have the time to devote to the column, which requires pulling an all-nighter. That’s too bad. I always found 32 Thoughts to be informative and entertaining.

    • I am sure Freidman could afford a competent secretary….🤨

    • Friedman has a 32 thoughts podcast with Jeff Marek. So he is still doing it, just not putting it in writing anymore.

      • Correct Kevjam. But I’ve enjoyed the written version.
        I think Sportsnet had to lay off the secretary. Budget cuts

      • Ain’t that the truth. When Rogers got the national NHL broadcast rights we were promised all of this interactive stuff. Not only have we not seen any of that, but we continue to see a drop in broadcast quality. Plus the family issues probably aren’t helping their income. lol

  3. Good day

    Hi Lyle hope you are well….

    In regards to your coment on the Chychrun to the Islanders ..as we all know the Lamirellos love value and will make a sideways move regardless of need for position to get good value and maintain quality in the line up ….

    ALSO …the teams in that conference tied to him are the Leafs Sens and Florida all teams that the Islanders will rival against ….

    The Islanders will make a deal to keep him away from those teams …if it only costs them assets that they know they will not need in the very very near future and can part with …they are a team in win now mode….as they have a veteran laden team….

    If they can move out assets that are no need to them but is a FAIR deal for NOW…they will do it out of positioning them as NOT to let other rival teams get him and maintain quality on there back end at the same time ..IMO ..Lamrielos have always operated like this in the past and will continue to do so … they always like a shake up and are not afraid of making change and giving up something to get something espeially if it is to support a somewhat young goalie for the next few years to contend …

    this may actually makes more sense than it seems for multiple reasons in my honest opinion…but hey ..Iam an arm chair GM…LOl…


    • Hey, Kal. You raise some good points this morning, but I really enjoy when you bust loose on the Leafs over what you’ve observed.
      If you could get back to that, along with your other takes, I’d sincerely appreciate it.
      It just makes for entertaining reading.

      Thanks, Kal


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