NHL Rumor Mill – November 22, 2022

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What defensemen could the Leafs target in the trade market? What’s the latest on the Canucks rumored efforts to peddle Tyler Myers? Find out in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


SPORTSNET: Luke Fox recently looked at several potential trade targets for the Toronto Maple Leafs to upgrade their blueline. The biggest names believed available are the Arizona Coyotes’ Jakob Chychrun, the San Jose Sharks’ Erik Karlsson and the Anaheim Ducks’ John Klingberg.

The Leafs are believed to have some interest in the 24-year-old Chychrun. However, his injury history and the Coyotes’ expensive price tag are areas of concern.

Karlsson’s strong start to this season has bolstered his trade value but his no-movement clause gives him full control. His $11.5 million cap hit through 2026-27 is a stumbling block even if the Sharks retained some of it.

Anaheim Ducks defenseman John Klingberg (NHL Images).

Fox is warming to Klingberg. He’s a right-shot puck-moving defenseman who logs big minutes.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Chychrun finally made his season debut last night following off-season wrist surgery. He’ll need to stay healthy and perform well in the coming weeks to convince interested clubs that he’s worth the Coyotes’ high asking price. The Leafs might be reluctant to get into that bidding war.

Karlsson is far too expensive for the Leafs even if San Jose retained a healthy chunk of his cap hit. The Sharks will also seek a significant return that could prove too rich for the Leafs. That’s assuming he’d waive his NMC for Toronto.

Klingberg could be the better option here. His $7 million salary for this season is expensive but the Ducks will probably retain part of it for a sweetener in the return. How much they’d want as part of the return could be an issue. Anaheim general manager Pat Verbeek could prefer to wait until the trade deadline in hope of drawing more interest in Klingberg.

The Athletic’s Eric Duhatschek isn’t fully sold on Klingberg. While the blueliner had an impressive 17-point performance during the 2020 playoffs with the Dallas Stars, he managed just one point in their seven-game opening-round defeat at the hands of the Calgary Flames. The 30-year-old Klingberg has eight points in 19 games with the offensively anemic Ducks.

Pending UFA options on Fox’s list include the Minnesota Wild’s Matt Dumba, the Columbus Blue Jackets’ Vladislav Gavrikov, the Washington Capitals’ Dmitry Orlov, Ottawa Senators’ Artem Zub, Pittsburgh Penguins’ Brian Dumoulin, New York Islanders’ Scott Mayfield, and the New Jersey Devils’ Damon Severson. He also suggested the Vancouver Canucks’ Luke Schenn and Tyler Myers, who still has a year remaining on his contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t see Dumba, Orlov, Dumoulin, Mayfield or Severson being available as long as their respective clubs remain in playoff contention. I think the Blue Jackets will try to re-sign Gavrikov and the Senators will attempt to re-up Zub.

Fox’s colleague Elliotte Friedman reported a couple of sources believe the Leafs are interested in Coyotes defenseman Conor Timmins, who’s currently with their AHL affiliate on a conditioning stint. He also said they were looking at Ducks winger Frank Vatrano but would have difficulty fitting his $3.65 million cap hit within their payroll even if the Ducks retained half of it.


CHEK TV’s Rick Dhaliwal talked about the details of the Vancouver Canucks’ attempt to trade Tyler Myers to the Ottawa Senators for Nikita Zaitsev. He revealed that the 32-year-old defenseman gets a $5 million signing bonus next July 1, which is difficult for most teams to swallow. Dhaliwal believes that’s why the Senators asked for a sweetener in the deal which the Canucks weren’t willing to give up.

THE ATHLETIC: Thomas Drance believes the Canucks would be better off waiting to move Myers after that $5 million is paid next July. He’ll be in the final season of his contract by that point, which could improve his trade value by making him more palatable to interested clubs.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Once the Canucks pay out that $5 million next July, Myers will be owed just $1 million for the remainder of next season. That could make him attractive to teams looking for teams seeking blueline depth hoping to remain close to the cap minimum.


  1. Buyer be ware on Klingberg. After watching him for years in Big D, I don’t believe that his offensive upside out-weighs his shortcomings on defense. Teams seeking help keeping the puck out of their own net should steer clear.

  2. Schenn would be an affordable pick up both in terms of assets and salary.
    Hes been pretty solid this year, nothing spectacular but decent.

    Good add for teams looking for depth come trade deadline time.

    • Have to agree with both of you. Klingberg is good but I doubt he’ll move the needle on most teams…well maybe a team that lacks an offensive defender.

      As for Schenn he’ll be a real good depth option which can play in all situations. Not elite per se but completely competent and consistent. The type of traits you’ll want from a player when you need to lean on them.

  3. @ Pengy, late reply to your trade proposal Kane to Boston.

    The offer it self isn’t bad but not a trade Boston can make imo.

    Reasoning; Boston doesn’t have a 2nd round pick for the next two seasons and trade away the 1st round pick for the same seasons, would have them picking in the third round.

    2023 draft not a problem but 2024, even with top 10 protected with the aging out of the top two C

    I prefer Sweeney monitor Luke Schenn, Carson Soucy, Vladislav Gavrikov and Artem Zub

    If he needs to target a forward on Chicago maybe Andreas Athanasious is that guy.

    Boston big dilemma is no 2nd round pick to offer, i believe this year 1st round maybe in play but that would depend on the return.

    • Hi Caper…. I had 2 firsts going out; 2 2nds coming in for the trade….. basically assets plus sliding down in two consecutive drafts

      Don’t get me wrong…. I do not wish to see that trade happen in any fashion…. and they are firing on all cinders…. But Kane on Bruins…. Not far fetched IMHO

      BTW…. You are in the Peg right? Sorry about Sunday night….. not!

      Wild finish though

  4. With all due respect, Lyle, you may be wrong about Gavrikov. While, yes, he is untouchable right now and there’s a good chance the Jackets will resign him, the other side of the coin is that some of the Jackets’ blueline prospects are going to be pushing for roster spots towards the end of the year. Plus their injured defensemen will be coming off injuries. Meaning that Jarmo will be looking to trade “spare” d-men at the TDL and if he gets a “bowl me over with a feather” offer, Gavrikov will be traded.

    • Trade deadline might be too late for some teams like the CBJ. They have good parts already but need to add to fill those gaping holes in their lineup.

      You’re right, Jarmo will deal away some of his redundant players to a team that also suffers the same where in doing so, he’ll maximize his returns. He’s one smart cookie.

  5. With Reilly going down last night the Leafs are definitely going to need some more NHL caliber defencmen.

    Schenn would be a sensible choice for 3rd pair or 7th D.

    Not sold on Klingberg…is he a big improvement on Liljegren…especially with his $7M cap hit?

    Gavrikov makes sense. Almost a direct replacement for Muzzin’s style of play. Columbus needs centres. Could DerArguchintsev and a pick get it done?

    • Reilly placed on LTIR. And with Muzzin out for…ever?…Hello Jacob Chychrun!!

      • @JohnnyZ

        Buyer beware! Chychrun has trouble staying healthy.

    • I always like Schenn but not sure if we need another 6/7 defenseman with Mete and Benn in that role already.
      Depending on how bad Reilly’s injury is the Leafs may be forced into looking into a top 4 caliber guy.
      For now it’ll need to be Liljgren and sandin taking first pair minutes with Gio and ugh, Holl making up the second.

    • Yeah the Leafs are toast! No team can expect to do much with their top 3 defenders out. Unfortunately the Leafs aren’t going big game fishing for a big name defender. Also being at the 50spc limit, they’ll need to trade contracts to make any trade possible.

      To complicate things further, the D isn’t exactly what the Leafs really need to fix since all their defensive metrics are really good, surprising considering they rolled with their 3rd/4th string goalie who’s clearly an AHL goalie. But injuries have really thrown in an awful wrench in what the team needs to do now. Maybe they can hit on the two fronts that they now desperately need: D to replace Muzzin and a third line center/middle six player but I don’t have a lot of hope.

      • And Ron, unlike some who think acquiring Chychrun would be a mistake, while I have always made it clear that getting him could be a good move – regardless of whether it was Ottawa or Toronto or Boston or whoever – the kicker has been – and still is – NOT at the alleged asking price by Armstrong of 2 1sts, a good roster player and a top prospect.

        And I agree with your comment – I think in the other thread – that, if and when a trade for him does occur, the return won’t be anything close to what Armstrong is said to be demanding.

        THAT would be a huge mistake.

    • No. The Jackets are not going to trade any of their uninjured experienced defensemen at this time and Gavrikov is all but untouchable.

  6. If AZ are looking to move Timmons, he will be at the top of Dubas’s list of potential targets only because he played in the Soo. That list will have any player with a Soo connection. Playing for the Greyhounds is the top boxto tick off, other boxes include anyone who has driven through the Soo or any player that can find it on a map.

    • Yep, he has his Soo penchant

      ADA? Nurse?

      Can’t believe he let McCann go…. LOL

  7. Dumo as a solution for Leafs….., No!!!

    Myers for Dumo and Kappy…. Gedderdone

    • @ Pengy…Myers is a right handed defenseman we have Letang /Petry/Rutta right side isn’t the problem.

      Two players I would go after
      1. Max Domi 27 $3 million pending UFA @ $3 million/Chicago Max is fast, skilled, has a great shot…a Sullivan type player… has an edge protects teammates.
      4 goals 9 assists 13 points 17 games.

      Adam Henrique 32 2 years left @ $5.5 million
      Anaheim can retain some salary they have cap space.
      When the Penguins won Stanley Cups we had really good strong 2 way 3rd line centers.
      2009 Jordan Stahl
      2016-2017 Nick Bonino

      Adam Henrique is that guys a 5 time 20 goal scorer, also scored 18 once, 19 once and great 2 way player and terrific on face offs.

      – Slick skater, good shot, Intelligent..

      Kapanen/ McGinn plus a 3rd round pick $5.95 million to Anaheim

      Henrique $5.5 million to Pittsburgh

      Or Kapanen/Joseph plus a 3rd round pick Anaheim retains $ 1 million…

  8. 🍁Right now the Very Last thing the Maple Leafs need is an other injury Prone d/man…❗️

    they now have there Top 3-4 out right now…..

    Gavrikov makes sense… or
    AZ, Timmins is cheap under 1.M or
    AZ Shayne Gostisbehere with 50% of his salary at $1.75M he is going to be a UFA……

    things will heat up in December for d/men, But the leafs need help now……❗️

  9. Enough with pilons to play defence. Or defenceman that don’t dare go in the corners. Time is running out on the Leafs. It’s time to be like the Raptors and go all in. A Kawhi-DeRozen type deal.
    I say trade Marner or Nylander for who ever the best physical defenceman and physical forward that can play are.

    • They should have traded Marnier last year…100%

      you cant have 50% of your payroll tied up in 4 players, with 5 or 6 first round Exits why dont leaf management get that…

      1) its because the leafs fans pay Top Dollar for a losing team..⁉️ so they Dont care…

      if there were No fans and the Area was 50% Empty That would be a difrent Story…..❗️🤔

      • Yeah sure.

    • LOL. No guy. I’m not part of the cut off your nose to spite your face. Marner is going to be one of the all time great players that this 100+ yr old franchise has had, no one will or ever has done that while the player is in his prime, no one.

      Nylander value/contract efficiency is through the roof, you trade him, you’ll be lucky to get a player half as good…ie you’re gonna lose any trade right now involving him, contract efficiency and his direct effectiveness on the ice, especially in the playoffs, you know, they time of year they can’t get over that hump because no other player consistently brings it like he does for this team.

      Try again guy.

      It’s gonna be guys like Robertson, engall, sandin, Kerfoot, picks and other prospects that will be the trade currency they will be working with. It isn’t much so best to temper any expectations and be prepared to say, for who?

      • So as long as the Leafs have players with great stats, fans should be happy.

      • Or Matthews, Nylander leave in 2 years and Marner leaves the year after.

      • Hey guy you missed the point but I’m not surprised and Yes guy! Why stop at just the Leafs players leaving…I can play that dumb game too…Mathews leaves opens the door for McDavid, right? It’s all good guy.

  10. If I were the Leafs I would be looking into Phil’s Rasmus Ristolainen.
    Patrick Kane is going to the NYR at the trading deadline.

    • So its looking like we will see if its an other Toronto Maple Leaf 1st Round Exit ….To Make it 7 Years in a Row……….❗️❗️
      if … the Leafs get into the playoffs at #8 Spot who would they Play….. Dont look now Leaf Fans but its the Big Bad BRUINS…..🤣

      There is No Way Mathews stays in Toronto….. 🤔
      he may come play for the Edmonton Oilers for 1 year with his good Buddy Conner McDavid
      To Win a cup then go home to AZ for the opening of the New Area in Tempe AZ😃

      • Willie from gods mouth to you ears!
        I wish I was lucky and special like you.

        You should ask god about your team more, or is he only on the Leafs?