NHL Rumor Mill – November 28, 2022

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Could Patrick Kane be ready to part ways with the Blackhawks? Are the Sabres really interested in acquiring Coyotes defenseman Jakob Chychrun? Find out in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


THE ATHLETIC: Mark Lazerus has long maintained that he’s not sure whether Patrick Kane will stick with the Chicago Blackhawks this season or agree to be moved by the March 3 trade deadline.

Chicago Blackhawks winger Patrick Kane (NHL Images).

Lazerus still believes Kane truly wants to stay in Chicago but feels that the long-time Blackhawks superstar is wearing down as the losses pile up for the rebuilding club. He now thinks that a trade could be inevitable.

Kane still hasn’t given any indication as to his intentions. He’s in the final season of his contract with a $10.5 million cap hit and a full no-movement clause.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The speculation over Kane’s future – and that of fellow Blackhawks franchise player Jonathan Toews – began shortly after last season’s trade deadline as management made clear its intention to rebuild the roster. As the Blackhawks continue to flounder, media conjecture over their respective futures will grow once the calendar flips to 2023 and the trade deadline appears on the horizon.

Recent reports claim Kane could meet with management sometime in December to discuss his situation. At some point, he’s going to have to make a decision. The 34-year-old winger can finish out the season with the Blackhawks and head to free agency and a fresh start elsewhere next July or decide to pursue a Stanley Cup with another club this season and perhaps bolster his free-agent value in the process.

Kane’s contract remains a significant obstacle on the path to a trade. Nevertheless, we can expect the Blackhawks to attempt to get creative with potential trade partners to make this work, such as retaining up to 50 percent of his remaining cap hit.

As Lazerus indicates, however, the final decision rests with Kane. Sometime between now and March 3, we’ll have our answer.


THE BUFFALO NEWS: Lance Lysowski took note of Sportsnet’s Jeff Marek wondering aloud if the Sabres would be a dark-horse candidate for Jakob Chychrun during Saturday’s “32 Thoughts” segment on Hockey Night in Canada. He also noted Marek’s colleague Elliotte Friedman recently reported the Coyotes’ asking price includes a pair of first-round picks (either prospects chosen in previous drafts or future selections) plus “something else.”

Lysowski cites sources confirming the Sabres are among several clubs to have expressed an interest in acquiring the Arizona Coyotes defenseman. Sabres general manager Kevyn Adams declined to discuss Chychrun when contacted by Lysowski on Sunday. However, Adams admitted he’s always on the lookout for anything that can improve his club.

With over $17 million in cap space, the Sabres can easily afford Chychrun’s $4.6 million annual salary-cap hit through 2024-25. Lysowski believes his style of play would fit well on their blueline, taking pressure off younger defensemen such as Rasmus Dahlin, Owen Power and Mattias Samuelsson.

The Coyotes’ asking price, however, could be a problem for the Sabres. Adams has stated his desire to maintain a stockpile of high-end prospects.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I can’t blame Adams for looking into what it would cost to acquire Chychrun. His club has the depth in prospects and promising young players to meet the Coyotes’ asking price. Whether the Sabres GM wants to pay it, however, is another matter.

There’s also the question of whether Chychrun would want to go from one perpetually rebuilding team in Arizona to another in Buffalo. Lysowski pointed out the blueliner has a connection with Sabres owners Terry and Kim Pegula as he attended high school in Florida with two of their children. However, that might not be enough to convince him to go to Buffalo.

Chychrun lacks no-trade protection this season but it’s believed that the Coyotes want to do right by him if possible by sending him to a club of his choosing. It’s rumored he rejected a trade to the Columbus Blue Jackets in early July.


  1. If Kane wants to stay in Chicago it’s a good move to go to a Stanley cup contender… and make it competitive by choosing several options for the hawks to move him too… then resign in the summer. Now his team he likely retires with has additional assets to get competitive quicker and he has a shot at another cup if the rebuild goes past his playing days

  2. Columbus keeps popping up in the rumor mill in connection with Chychrun. I got a question for all the so-called experts. Why would the Jackets trade two of their recent first round picks, who are mostly defensemen, for a frequently injured defenseman who will push them over the cap?

    • Exactly! This is really a Buffalo type of move to pull the trigger too quickly and spending too much on a player that ends up not playing as expected, being hurt all the time or just under performing. Let them have him, this is highly entertaining! 😏

      • I don’t think the current management in Buffalo operate like that anymore, Johnny. Adams is pretty suave, and appears to know a players worth.

  3. Re “Chychrun lacks no-trade protection this season but it’s believed that the Coyotes want to do right by him if possible by sending him to a club of his choosing. It’s rumoured he rejected a trade to the Columbus Blue Jackets in early July.”

    As per above (and per CapFriendly)…. He has no veto power (until 1/7/23 when he can Veto 10 teams).

    There is a point where “to do right by him” is superseded by doing right for the organization

    The “bidders” (interested; with space and assets) for him is not a long list

    Armstrong needs to get what he can for Chychrun…. one more injury away from his stock plummeting…. I don’t see his value increasing…. Slightly temper the ask; get a deal done now

    No …. Re Chychrun and Leafs….too much to give up; he’s oft injured; risky move for club already dealing with D injuries

    George…. What is the tipping point (re a lowered ask) that you feel Sens should make the move…. i.e. what realistic offer (Now) works for both Sens and Yotes

    Obviously Chychrun for a 1st inly and Dorion is all over that; and he’s not biting on current (reported ask)…. So there has to be a valid able option between those 2 goalposts…. What is it?

    • Pengy, the MOST I’d be prepared to give up for Chychrun is ONE 1st round pick – lottery protected for next spring – their choice of Gambrell or Kelly – their choice of Brannstrom, Bernard-Docker or Thomson – all 1st round picks PLUS they have to take Zaitsev (to remain cap compliant).

      That likely has as much chance of happening as Arizona shooting up into contention – which would suit me fine – if someone offers them better well, good luck to them.

      • Ottawa first round pick, lottery protected. Bernard-docker, picked 26h overall. (covers their ask of the two first round picks.) Shane pinto, zaitzev.

        To Ottawa chycrhin, 2nd round pick.

      • If Pinto was offered to Arizona, regardless of what else was involved that deal would have been made by now.

        No way I am giving Pinto for a maybe.

  4. hmm…Kane to the Sens to get DeBrincat firing again on all cylinders?

    • Kane for DeBrincat should be the rumor! 😄

      • Not sure Chychrun “attended” much school. He played hockey up north most of his HS years and probably did online classes. Add to that the 3 Dmen mentioned for Buffalo are all LD. I wouldn’t rule out Rangers looking at Chychrun. I like Zach Jones but I believe his size has kept him from securing a spot on D. Lindgren always seems to miss time or be playing hurt. LD was a question mark entering season. Seems to be an assumption NY will accumulate cap space and trade for Kane. After giving up their 1st last year for Copp, I don’t think they’ll over pay for a 34 year old who has started to show some regression. 24 year old Chychrun makes more sense.
        Chytil and Kravtsov are former 1sts. Add Jones and I think that’s a fair deal. Maybe Coyotes add a pick

      • Lindren missed 4 games last year, and 2 this year.

        Chychrun missed 16 games this year and 35 last year.

        I think this adds to the problem, doesn’t fix it.

        He’d be an expensive 3rd pairing guy who you can pencil in to miss 20-25% of games going by his history.

        I also wouldn’t give up Chytil, Jones + for Chychrun.

        AHL options to fill the 3rd line center roles are not good.

        I’m not disagreeing on Kane.

  5. For goodness sake will somebody trade for Chychrun. I am getting tired reading about this guy every single day.

    • I’m with you there. On the other hand, from Arizona’s perspective, it keeps them in the news.

    • Raging couldn’t agree with you more! Enough already someone just bleeping trade for him..it is nauseating like the where will Aaron Judge sign….

  6. It won’t be long now for chychrum Ottawa will step up and everyone will be dancing

    • Dancing like having fun dancing? Or dancing like the trapdoor just opened up under their feet?