NHL Rumor Mill – December 9, 2022

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A look at several proposed trade destinations for Canucks winger Brock Boeser plus the latest Blackhawks speculation in today’s NHL Rumor Mill.


DAILY FACEOFF: Matt Larkin listed the Dallas Stars, Minnesota Wild, New Jersey Devils, New York Islanders, New York Rangers and Pittsburgh Penguins as his proposed trade destinations for Brock Boeser. The Vancouver Canucks have allowed the 25-year-old winger’s agent to speak with other clubs about a potential trade.

Vancouver Canucks winger Brock Boeser (NHL Images).

Given the Canucks willingness to take on some salary, Larkin suggested the Stars offer up Denis Gurianov as he could use a fresh start. Boeser would be a good fit playing in his home state of Minnesota with the Wild but their limited cap space beyond this season could make that move difficult to pull off.

Boeser could fill the power-play trigger man role for the Devils, who have plenty of mid-range forwards (such as Andreas Johnsson and Miles Wood) they could offer up as part of the return. He could also be a consistent scoring threat for the Islanders, who could offer up Anthony Beauvillier.

The Rangers need a scoring winger and Boeser could be a more affordable option than the Chicago Blackhawks’ Patrick Kane. Larkin wondered if Canucks general manager Jim Rutherford might attempt to leverage his relationship with his former club into a deal for Boeser.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Boeser’s $6.65 million annual salary through 2024-25 remains the major stumbling block in the path to a trade. Cap-strapped clubs like the Wild would have to get creative to acquire him, especially given the Canucks’ unwillingness to retain a portion of his salary.

I think the Islanders and Rangers could become serious suitors. Isles GM Lou Lamoriello tried in vain during the offseason to sign Johnny Gaudreau and Nazem Kadri and reportedly attempted to acquire Boeser’s teammate J.T. Miller during the first round of this year’s draft. The Rangers’ need for a reliable scoring right winger has been well-documented this season.

SPORTSNET: Elliotte Friedman wondered if the Washington Capitals will get into the bidding for Boeser. He suggested they offer up forward Anthony Mantha, pointing out his salary is slightly lesser than Boeser’s and he has one fewer year on his contract.

TORONTO STAR: Nick Kypreos pondered the possibility of the Calgary Flames making a pitch for Boeser. He believes the Canucks will have difficulty moving him without withholding 20 to 30 percent of his contract. Kypreos wondered if the Flames would take on Boeser’s full contract in exchange for Milan Lucic’s expiring one.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Mantha lacks no-trade protection but he also comes with a long injury history. Washington Hockey Now’s Sammi Silber doesn’t think the Capitals are in the market for a trade right now as they battle for a wild-card berth following a slow start to the season.

It will take more than Lucic to tempt the Canucks into trading Boeser to a division rival. I think the Flames would have to sweeten that package with a first-round pick and a top prospect to tempt Rutherford. Lucic is a Vancouver native but he could be reluctant to become a part of the Canucks’ drama this season.


THE ATHLETIC: Scott Powers recently reported Patrick Kane intends to speak with his agent Pat Brisson and Chicago Blackhawks GM Kyle Davidson about his future plans. The 34-year-old winger is slated to become an unrestricted free agent in July.

The Blackhawks could shop Kane and fellow UFA Jonathan Toews but it doesn’t sound like the front office is convinced those two want to be traded. Management isn’t going to pressure them into making a decision. Of the two, the belief is Kane is the more likely to be moved.

Management would love to get high draft picks, even first-rounders, for pending UFA forwards Max Domi and Andreas Athanasiou. However, the market isn’t there yet. A Western Conference executive believes Domi and Athanasiou could fetch third or fourth-round picks but acknowledged other teams could get desperate.

Other trade possibilities include pending UFAs Jack Johnson and Jujhar Khaira. Connor Murphy was mentioned but that seems unlikely as he has three seasons remaining on his contract.

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Domi and Athanasiou topped Adam Proteau’s list of Blackhawks other than Kane and Toews who could become trade bait this season. He also included Murphy, Jason Dickinson and Seth Jones, though he considered the latter a long shot to be moved given his hefty contract and a full no-movement clause.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Davidson will be a seller this season but he’ll likely wait until closer to the March 3 trade deadline to maximize the value of his trade chips. We’ll likely know by January whether Kane and/or Toews will finish the season in Chicago or ask to be moved to a contender.

I agree that Domi and Athanasiou won’t fetch much beyond third-rounders right now. However, that value will rise as the deadline approaches, especially for Domi, who’s on pace for a 65-point performance this season.


  1. Lyle. I totally agree that Lucic. Would not begin to cover cost for Boeser. His salary maybe what is needed to make the deal but a draft pic or top prospect would have to be included just to even be considered

    • Aren’t the Canucks looking to improve their defence? I would think that the Canucks would be looking for a young strong defensive second-pairing d-man in return for Boeser. I don’t think the Flames have that in their system. When Tanev was injured earlier this season the Flames struggled big-time defensively. That even showed in the playoffs last season.

    • Could Lucia then be flipped at the deadline, with half retained, for a pick? I would think some teams would love to add his toughness and experience headed into the playoffs.

  2. Seversen Boeser . Throw some picks and prospects in there from both sides

  3. The pens top 6 can run up against any top 6 in the league. Where does Brock fit?

    • Concur Chrisms

      The only realistic moves (if Boeser coming to Pens) is

      Zucker out /Boeser in ( similar numbers this year; 7 years younger; but locking in for extra $1.2 M for 2 extra years; and JZ has 19 team blocker (so likely blocking mist/all Canadian teams)

      Boeser for Rusty (down year)…, but Rusty has an NMC

      If Boeser for Dumo or Petry….should Pens have a 3rd line winger making $6.6 M

      Note… above flips would need balancing picks; was inly mentioning key players in trade

      So…. Boeser on Pens should not happen

      Scared re tonight…. If Tanger doesn’t play; Sully must not play CR. Not at all. Bring up Friedman or Smith

      Tage Thompson v CR…. TT wins that battle every time

      With B2Bs…. Losing both derails most of the ground they recently made up

      Sully, make the logical decision not the “he’s a nice guy” decision

      • You know you still remain the only person I read or hear who describes chad as anything but a decent bottom pair d man.

      • Hi Chrisms

        Decent man… I have absolutely no doubts

        I’ve not seen anywhere in media where they call him a decent bottom pair guy

        Several media refer to him as a “reliable” (sits on bench for months then called in) bottom pairing guy

        The fact is, Pens have better options at the same Cap hit…Friedman and Smith. Younger, faster, smarter, stronger,just plain better. Pens need to put out their best options every game.

        When Chad plays low minutes, is kept off the PK, against either a weak team , a small team, or a team that is not playing well on that night…. Then Chad serves ok as bottom pairing… then he is “reliable”

        He also does ok when off for several weeks, then plays 1 or 2 games

        It however, falters when he plays as a regular bottom pairing guy ; as he then trends back to his mistakes (leaving his man,I’ll timed down low moves,and errant passes; taking stupid penalties)

        He also can almost never clear out (in front of Jarry or De Smith) anybody over 190 lbs (most of the forwards in the nhl); and certainly has trouble matching the speed and agility of most of the lighter/smaller forwards

        This is not me disliking CR. I don’t know him. I’m sure he is a great guy …. We would have heard about it if it was any different

        I’m just disliking the precarious position his play puts Pens in while out there

        Now…. Wait and see…. After my rant…. He’ll play one of his two (sometimes 3) annual good games, and get a point or two…. Just to screw up my argument LOL

        We both love Pens….. we just don’t see eye to eye on CR. He of course is not as bad as JJ was for Pens (certainly played better for Avs last year)

        Not in synch with our viewpoints is exactly what this site is all about

        We agree to disagree…. All good

      • It’s not just me who agrees to disagree though pengy. Pretty much unilaterally the local media sports talk etc all are positive about chad. And that includes the ones who are generally negative nancys about the team.

  4. My head is spinning about why most teams would have large interest in add an almost 7 million $ contract for a sniper who adds little work away from the puck for an established team member who you know fits your group? It is, imo, a diverse group of return players mentioned above, like the entire Browser trade exercise rewards Vancouver with a return for an issue (disgruntled, oft-injured, “specialist”).

    • Exactly! The Isles are mostly 200 ft players! They would want to keep that composition! Miller would be a better trade target for them.

      • Miller a 200 foot player? Hahahaha! Not these days.

      • Gurianov for Boeser. Yes please. Neither can play defense, but at least Boeser can score on occasion. Canucks would still have to retain something.

      • No, Miller is not a 200ft player. I said Miller would be a better target than Brock as he has better defensive metrics then Boeser and can play any forward position.

  5. Boeser and Schenn to the Pens for Kapanen, Rutta,Heinen and prospect/pick.

    • Horvat Schenn to Bruins for Carlo Smith 2023 first and lysell

      • No, thank you.

    • Hi SJPP

      Boeser on Pens is a plus; but as I mentioned above (see response to Chrisms); that would have Boeser as 3rd line winger (not going to replace the other top 4 wingers) …. @$6.6 M…. That’s too much

  6. It has been reported that Treliving was talking to the Boeser camp. I thing that was Treliving just doing his homework as I don’t actually see a deal that could work within the cap restraints Calgary has for next year. They need Lucic off the books to cover Huberdeau big raise.
    As mentioned yesterday Calgary will not trade their 1st because of the very deep draft class this year.

    • Like I said above, I think that the Canucks would want defensive help in return for Boeser. I don’t think the Flames have what the Canucks are needing in return. The Tanev injury earlier this season showed the Flames lack the defensive depth to be trading from that position.

      • Kevjam,

        Yeah I just don’t see a deal that would be beneficial for both teams.
        I know Vancouver would like to trade him for cap reasons but they won’t give him away.

        Don’t know if Minnesota would trade Dumba for Boeser?

      • Minny is in a cap crunch. This offseason they have 9 players that are either UFA’s or RFA’s and, depending on the next season’s cap increase, will only have between $16.5 or $19 million in cap space. I don’t think they would be willing to add Boeser’s $6.5 million cap hit to their books. I think they would be wanting a good young cheap RFA plus draft picks for Dumba to help their cap situation.

  7. If Kane were traded to Boston I’m sure Jake would be part of return. Would you put perfection line back together or play Kane with Bergeron and Marchand ?

    • Obe

      Why would Debrusk be part of trade? Doubt he would be and that is if Jane says I will go to bruins. If Kane say only 1 team or 2 the hawks return drops a lot. Ask Buffalo about Hall

      • Somebody has to go back and question says if so where would you put Kane is the question I asked?

      • Obe.
        If indeed Jane says bruins or bust. I would an offer of Smith. Rielly. Unprotected 1st and one of bruins 3 goalie prospects. For Kane 1/2 retained
        Marchand. Bergeron Kane
        Zacha Krechi. Pasta
        Hall. Coyle. Debrusk
        Frederick Nosek. Foligno

  8. Domi and AA only worth a third rounder but Monahan is worth a 1st.

    I would want AA before the orher two.

    • The big difference between Monahan and Domi and Athanasiou is Monahan has produced at an elite level with three 60 points seasons plus an 80 points season. Athanasiou hasn’t even gotten close to that level and Domi’s best season was 72 points which was 5 seasons ago. Monahan has a bigger upside than either Domi or Athanasiou. Athanasiou only has 9 points this season in 25 games. That is with getting time playing with Kane and Toews. Why would you want that more than Monahan?

      • Kevjam so you want to pay for what he was 5 seasons ago and hope a change of scenary will bring him new life and old form.

        AA is also a former 30 goal scorer.

        No I wouldnt give a first for AA or Domi.

        As a bruin fan an a team that is making one last run at the cup.

        AA at a 3mil cap hit would be a more affordable hit and well help solidfy Boston bottom 6.

        The Bruins would be able to roll 4 very solid lines over the boards.

        Monahan maybe in Boston cards in the off-season when they’ll be shopping for 2 centerman.

      • Agree with Caper
        Monahan can play C or W.

        However the Bruins must be kicking the tires hard for Horvat or JT. Win with the aging core NOW and add a top 6 center under 30.
        If Boston believes they can win now they will sell the farm again …i mean their kids farm

      • All three are UFAs at the end of this season. Cap hit isn’t going to be an issue if acquired at the TDL. Monahan is a two time 30 goal scorer. In all but 2 seasons in the NHL Monahan has scored over 20 goals a season. If I’m needing scoring depth going into the playoffs, out of those three Monahan is the one I want and Athanasiou isn’t even in the conversation. With Monahan, he has shown this season that he can produce as a third-line centre. If needed he has also shown that he can move up into the top 6 in case of injuries or replace a struggling player. Domi is off to a good season but hasn’t proven to be consistent.

      • Kevjam we will have to agree to disagree.

        If you want Edmonton to over pay for Monahan then by all means.

        If Monahan isn’t scoring he offer nothing else.

        To clarify i didnt say AA or Domi are worth a 1st round pick. What im saying is if you think Monahan is a first, then AA are a 2nd round pick not a third.

        The difference isn’t as big as you think it is in my opinion.

  9. I always thought since Lucic left he would come back at some point and blend back in, still has a lot of fans and friends in the Boston area …size and toughness would help ….knowing though he would be a tough fit

  10. Anybody want DeBrincat? Not saying his 6g 15a 21 pts in 26gp and -6 is horrible … but if he’s no better than that after being qualified at around $9 mil as an RFA THEN it becomes a budding cap albatros. I doubt anyone takes him at TD day as other than a playoff rental. That bit of encouraging news when dealt for at the draft has quickly deteriorated. Motte, a pending UFA, has also been ennnh at $1,350,000 (2g 6a 8pts in 26 gp).

    With the exception of Giroux, all in all Dorion’s moves – at the time being hailed as good to great – have since been exposed as far less than that. Whatever he does from this point on cannot involve a 1st round pick on the basis that, maybe this gets us back into the playoff hunt. That ship has sailed. They are headed for a good % in the draft lottery. Period.

    • Sure George,
      DeBrincat + Bransstom for Boeser + Myers (Nucks retain $1M)
      No more $9M QO for the Sens and they have 2 players with term.

  11. Van could move Boeser to Montreal for Edmundson. Montreal has four very young D that are progressing and depth at that position. Van is desperate for a top 4 D. Edmundson answers that requirement. Boeser gives the Habs another scoring winger they cover to play in their top 6. My thoughts as arm chair GM.

  12. A Trade with Vancouver
    may work…? but if they are going into a Re-build they may want Prospects and not players, its not quite clear what Vancouver are doing as yet….🤔

    RW Brock Boeser would look good on the Edmonton Oilers First line with McDavid & Kane….
    after the oilers d, there RW is Weakest

    Trade Jesse Pulijarvie & winger Warren Foegele to make the Money work in the trade
    & 2nd pick
    But First the Oilers need to Fix the Defence…⁉️

    • @willy w

      Zero chance VAN takes that offer.

      Puljujarvi is a bust former 4th overall. Foegele is 26 so not really a good player to acquire as part of a rebuild.

      Also, EDM major need is keeping the puck out of their net not scoring more goals. They have the two highest scorers in the league and sit 15th overall in the standings.

      Their glaring need is on RD as everybody except Ken Holland knows Barrie and Ceci are horrible defenceman.