NHL Trade Deadline Tracker – March 3, 2023

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We’ll keep a running tally of today’s notable trades. It will be updated throughout the day.

Anaheim Ducks traded John Klingberg to the Minnesota Wild in exchange for Andrej Sustr, a fourth-round pick in 2025 and prospect Nikita Nesterenko. The Ducks are retaining 50 percent of Klingberg’s $7 million salary. 

Anaheim Ducks trade John Klingberg to the Minnesota Wild (NHL Images)

Calgary Flames ship Brett Ritchie and Connor Mackey to the Arizona Coyotes in exchange for Troy Stecher and Nick Ritchie. 

Nashville Predators acquire Rasmus Aspland from the Buffalo Sabres for a 2025 seventh-round pick. 

Los Angeles Kings trade Austin Wagner to the Chicago Blackhawks for future considerations.

Philadelphia Flyers trade Patrick Brown to the Ottawa Senators for a 2023 sixth-round pick.

Minnesota Wild acquire forward Oskar Sundqvist from the Detroit Red Wings in return for a fourth-round pick in 2023.

Calgary Flames acquire winger Dryden Hunt from the Toronto Maple Leafs in exchange for winger Radim Zahorna.

The Minnesota Wild traded winger Jordan Greenway to the Buffalo Sabres in exchange for a second-round pick in 2023 (originally from the Vegas Golden Knights) and a 2024 fifth-rounder.

Anaheim Ducks trade Dmitry Kulikov to the Pittsburgh Penguins for Brock McGinn and a third-round draft pick.

Winnipeg Jets acquire Vladislav Namestnikov from the San Jose Sharks for a 2025 fourth-rounder. 

Los Angeles Kings trade Brendan Lemieux and a fifth-round pick in 2024 to the Philadelphia Flyers for Zack MacEwen

The New Jersey Devils acquire Curtis Lazar from the Vancouver Canucks in exchange for a 2024 fourth-round pick. 

The Pittsburgh Penguins re-acquire center Nick Bonino from the San Jose Sharks in a three-team deal involving the Montreal Canadiens. The Sharks received a fifth-rounder in 2024 and a seventh-rounder in 2023 from the Penguins plus a minor-league defenseman Arvid Henrikson from the Canadiens. The Sharks flipped the fifth-rounder to the Canadiens for retaining 50 percent of Bonino’s $2.050 million cap hit. The Habs also received defenseman Tony Sund from the Penguins. 

The Detroit Red Wings ship winger Jakub Vrana to the St. Louis Blues in exchange for minor-league center Dylan McLaughlin and a 2025 seven-round pick.


  1. Thanks Lyle,

    I think we may have 6 or 7 more trades today❓

    We are Hoping the Oil can get a Top 6 RW like Raddish from the Hawks…. Connor old team mate from the Otter’s who is in his 2nd full NHL Season🤔

    • Raddish is young and growing and could be part of Chicago’s future. Why would Chi part with that type of asset? That’s exactly the type of young player they would try to attain in a trade.
      I can’t see them giving him away.
      Sure, Edmonton might want him, but so would dozens of other teams. Wouldn’t make any sense for Chicago to make that trade.

      • Hawks need one top 6 forward!
        Raddysh i cant see being moved

    • willie w, a LOT of teams wuld probably like to get Raddysh. But the Hawks have to keep SOMEONE around to help bolster the re-build. Why would they deal a good, young player like him who has 1 more year to go on his $758,333 ELC deal?

      They would have to be overwhelmed with an offer – otherwise, it’s pointless.

  2. LOL foleyd7 – we were literally thinking the same thing at the same time. THAT’S a trade we won’t see.

  3. I honestly wish the Oilers could just get a solid rental goalie for this run. The biggest gaff from Holland was that ridiculous Campbell contract.

    We will see.

    I could see Dorion making another minor move, but wouldn’t be surprised if he is done until off season.

    • I understand the question about the goalie situation in Edmonton. What I see as the difference between this season and last season is 1) With the addition of Ekholm the Oilers defence is stronger this season than last. 2) Skinner has been more consistent than Smith was last season.
      Skinner 2022/23 – 35gp .912 – worst .800 x2 best .972
      Smith 2021/22 – 28gp .912 – worst .429 pulled after 13 minutes. .733 full game. best 2 shutouts. Skinner’s lows haven’t been nearly as low as Smith’s. Skinner’s highs also haven’t been as high as Smith’s. Smith was also just as inconsistent in the playoffs.

      • I definitely agree there. I was never confident in Smith, but Skinner has shown some consistency behind a blueline that needed help. I think that help has come!

        But wow… we all knew Campbell was a so-so goalie, so when Holland threw that money at him, for 5 whole years… SMH

    • I’d love if Dorion took on Campbell!!! Lol! Same with Adams in Buffalo!
      Then the Oil could bring in Reimer for the playoffs!

      Wishful Thinking but I hate that Campbell deal.

      • Artsy19 – you know what they say … where there’s life there’s “wishful thinking” – but seeing Campbell in Ottawa goes waaay beyond that. LOL.

        In net for a visiting team? By all means.

      • See but Dorion has been pretty smart lately and definitely too smart to take on someone like Campbell. I mean I was never a fan of the Murray trade, but at least Murray HAD shown champion pedigree at one point!

        The fact Dorion got TO to take him from us was nothing short of genius robbery.

  4. Crazy how the Mantha – Vrana trade was one of the bigger trades of the deadline a few years ago and now Vrana is moved for basically nothing, and Mantha is struggling to stick in the line up in Washington.

    This trade deadline has been insane, but “Vrana for a 7th” is a nice little asterix on how poorly all of these trades could turn out.

  5. this may be the quietest trade deadline in awhile, as all the big names are off the board

    • Honestly though, it makes sense for teams to trade earlier. Gives them more time to incorporate the players into their scheme and hopefully have longer to make an impact in the standings.
      I know the “selling” team may string it along to driver up the price, but the “buying” teams should be trying to add sooner rather than later.

      • With all the cap considerations and wheeling and dealing of shared cap hit and retained salary, no team can wait until the 11th hour to pull off trades anymore, other than the small ones we are seeing today.

        There MAY be some that have been simmering for a couple days or still being cooked up that will finally be served before deadline, but I feel like Wednesday and Thursday were the big ones.

  6. Lyle, I have a feeling it won’t be much of a “running tally” –

    • At least he isn’t running a full nine hour show on it today George! Haha

  7. Isles going to make anything happen today? We can get some addtl scoring?

    • I could see JVR heading to Long Island.

  8. Just what the Penguins need, another 30+ year old on the roster. I’m seriously growing concerned about Hextall’s mental capacity. When is he going to try talking Mario out of retirement?

    • Can’t afford him.

      • True.

    • Mario could probably still outscore McDavid. Haha
      He’s successfully done the ‘comeback’ twice before!

    • Jagr is still scoring at 51 years old and 270lbs. He’d come back. Gotta book a second seat for his Hugh Jass though.

  9. Tom Wilson would be a fantastic pickup for the Leafs, if only he played the left side.
    Back to hoping for Lawson Crouse…

  10. Come on Sweeney… Some Flames blogger account tweeted or posted is it possible for the Flames to move Milan Lucic by the deadline and his wife commented, “Bring him home” with the bear emoji.

  11. I have never seen such mismanagement of players, in terms of contracts and trades, as displayed by Hextall over the last 2 years. Seriously. WTF? Welcome to Hextall Springs: A gated Hockey Retirement Community. Say hello to the newest residents, Dmitry Kulikov and Nick Bonino.

    • locker room talk is more relatable for all the 30+ now

      I think chuck fletcher had a worse tdl…needed to shake that roster up

    • Dimitry “Suitcase” Kulikov – what is it? 7 teams since 2015?

      • George

        Yes he is a playoff depth piece . And usually not expensive to get That will usually mean trade if on non playoff team

  12. Not much out there, still expect a late trade for JVR heading somewhere

    • They say it fell apart with wings if not moved. Philly GM should be fired. Extremely poor asset management

    • An attempt to trade JvR to the Red Wings fell through at the last minute. He’s finishing the season with the Flyers.

      • Artsy19 – you know what they say … where there’s life there’s “wishful thinking” – but seeing Campbell in Ottawa goes waaay beyond that. LOL.

        In net for a visiting team? By all means.These guys have watches I assume. I mean, I can see some himming and hawing if you had to make another move in order to free up cap … but whatever held it up, Detroit has a ton of cap and the Flyers were in no position to start dickering with the clock winding down.

  13. Have any teams ever swapped brothers in a trade before the Ritchie bros today?

    • I sure can’t think of one SOP. Weird one.

    • Hooked On Hockey is claiming it’s a first.

    • Calgary: Hey Brett, we’re trading you to Arizona.

      Brett Ritchie: Ooh bummer. Oh well, at least I can see my brother more.

      Calgary: … about that …

    • Also, what’s the record for the most teams a player has scored a goal for in a season? Dryden Hunt scored a goal for the Rangers, one for Colorado, and one for Toronto. If he manages to score one for Calgary, that’s 4 goals for 4 teams in one season.

  14. Hextall and Burke are doing a masterful job in Pittsburgh. They should go do the Leafs when they’re done working their magic for the Pens.

    • I wouldn’t wish that Dynamic Duo on anyone or any team. One nincompoop driving the idiot bus, and one riding shotgun.

    • Yet they have more rings than Don Sweeney and Cam Neely.