Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – October 4, 2020

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The latest on Oliver Ekman-Larsson, Taylor Hall, Marc-Andre Fleury, Matt Murray, Henrik Lundqvist, Alex Pietrangelo and more in today’s Sunday NHL rumor roundup.


SPORTSNET (via KUKLA’S KORNER): Elliotte Friedman reports Arizona Coyotes defenseman Oliver Ekman-Larsson isn’t willing to expand his list of preferred trade destinations beyond the Boston Bruins and Vancouver Canucks. It’s believed the Coyotes like the prospects in Boston better than those in Vancouver, but the Canucks are more eager to get a deal done than the Bruins, who can always try to re-sign Torey Krug. However, the Canucks have salary-cap issues.

Arizona Coyotes defenseman Oliver Ekman-Larsson (NHL Images).

Friedman believes the Coyotes would like to get a deal done similar to the one in which the Buffalo Sabres trade Ryan O’Reilly to the St. Louis Blues two years ago. Some salary was exchanged along with the Blues getting a prospect plus a first and a second-round pick.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Ekman-Larsson’s $8.25 million annual average value for seven more seasons is the sticking point. The Coyotes must retain part of that cap hit or take back some salary in return to make it work for the Canucks.

Chris Johnston believes Coyotes winger Taylor Hall will be open to one- or two-year deals from suitors in the upcoming unrestricted free agent market.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Hall camp would likely prefer a lucrative long-term contract but that might not be available in the current economic climate. Accepting a short-term deal with a contender would give Hall the opportunity to test the market again in a year or two when it could improve while he’s still in his playing prime.

The Denver Post’s Mike Chambers noted the Colorado Avalanche had an interest in Hall before he was traded to the Coyotes by the New Jersey Devils. He wondered if Avs GM Joe Sakic might be among the suitors if Hall is willing to accept a one-year contract.

Johnston believed Marc-Andre Fleury has played his final game with the Vegas Golden Knights following their re-signing of Robin Lehner on Saturday. One of the Golden Knights’ options could be to attempt a three-way trade in which an intermediary third team retains part of Fleury’s $7 million annual cap hit to facilitate moving him to another club.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: It could be difficult pulling off a three-way trade but not impossible. How much of Fleury’s salary would be retained by a third party could depend on the sweetener the Golden Knights or the other team sends their way.

Friedman believes the Chicago Blackhawks have an interest in Pittsburgh Penguins goaltender Matt Murray. He also suggested the Washington Capitals as a destination for former New York Rangers netminder Henrik Lundqvist.

THE HOCKEY NEWS: Ken Campbell suggests Vegas could be a good destination for Lundqvist. He points out the Golden Knights will need a backup if Fleury is traded or bought out. With the Minnesota Wild reportedly attempting to trade Devan Dubnyk to the San Jose Sharks, Campbell wonders if Murray or Fleury could be targeted by Wild GM Bill Guerin.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman last week expressed optimism about getting long-time starter Corey Crawford re-signed before Oct. 9. Murray could be his Plan B if Crawford walks.

I wouldn’t be surprised Murray or Fleury headed to Minnesota. Guerin knows both goalies well from his years with the Penguins.

Lundqvist to Washington would be an interesting move. He could be a good mentor to young starter Ilya Samsonov, but we don’t know if the Capitals are interested.

Speaking of the Sharks and Devan Dubnyk, GM Doug Wilson doesn’t want to part with any of his picks in the upcoming draft in the reported deal.


NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports there’s been a lot of talk suggesting St. Louis Blues defenseman Alex Pietrangelo could be heading to the Golden Knights as a free agent on Oct. 9. So much so, Brooks claims he’s heard “substantial talk” the Blues might be prepared to file tampering charges if that’s the way it shakes out.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Proving it would be challenging. We’ll just have to wait and see how things go by the end of this week.


OTTAWA SUN: Bruce Garrioch reports there’s significant interest around the league in the Senators’ 28th overall pick in the upcoming draft. He speculates they might be able to use it as trade bait to bring in a forward or defenseman who can provide immediate help to their roster.

Garrioch also believes the Senators could be in the market for a goaltender. They could be among the talks that have held talks with the Columbus Blue Jackets regarding Elvis Merzlikins or Joonas Korpisalo.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Blue Jackets could be trying to use one of those goalies as bait to land a scoring forward. Maybe they could swap one of them for that 28th overall pick and use that in a package deal to acquire a scorer from another club.


  1. I’ll admit it, I’ve never seen OEL play. When I’m flipping through NHL games, any game involving the Yotes, I just keep on flipping. Anyway, what do you people think of him? Is it worth the Bruins getting him? Would you rather have OEL or Pietrangelo at 7×8.25? Worry about the cap and roster size later.

    • IMO he’s a #1-2 on most teams. He plays in every situation-PP/PK Hedman like. He knows when to hold em, when to fold him. one of best in the league. definitely worth it.

      • I don’t think the Canucks have the assets to get OEL as much as I would love him here. I think he has to go to Boston – I don’t see how the Yotes can have him back after all this – especially as he’s the captain. As well the Yotes may want him out of the west. He’s a great player and will do very well in Boston.
        On another subject – could the Nucks trade Demko for picks to Ottawa – I was hoping Ottawa would take money back but I just don’t think bad money is going to move much over this off-season things are too tight.

    • Hi Bruinsfan1

      With those Parameters in ur Q… OEL or Petro for 7 @ $8.25M…. Petro by leaps and bounds

      Only one year older; but way better IMHO; Cup Pedigree; taller; stronger; heavier; faster; more productive; and don’t forget… rightie…. AND… as a UFA… no assets given up for Petro

      Petro for sure

      • I’d have to agree…Pietrangelo at the same contract 7@$8.25 would be the better option.

        Rumours are that Pietrangelo isn’t as concerned about the AAV in the STL offer but how it’s structured…bonuses, NMC, etc…apparently Doug Armstrong doesn’t do bonuses or NMC .

        Pietrangelo .60 PPG +77
        OEL .50 PPG -92

        At the same salary I know who I’d pick.

        As mentioned Pietrangelo doesn’t cost assets. BOS could then package the assets needed for OEL to fill other holes.

      • OEL played on a poor team for so long. Pietrangelo played for a championship team. It’s hard to compare their stats. Yet OEL has done nothing to make me shy away from him. Nor have I seen any complaints regarding his play vs the money he makes. I’d be willing to sign either assuming the space and money was available.

    • Bruins fan: if you consider Pietrangelo could be getting a 7 year deal for the same /more money? OEL turned 29 in July, while AP will be 31 in January. Right now, I’d say AP is the better all around Dman. For Boston though, you’re pretty set at RD and IMO, OEL is a bigger. Better option than Krug.
      Of course, Pietrangelo is a ufa and you won’t need to give up anything to get him. So trading away assets for the lesser player doesn’t make much sense.

    • Fair comments…….except you wouldn’t get Pietrangelo for 7x$8.25. He already has an offer of 8x$8 on the table from the Blues, and the rumor is that the Blues will go a little higher. Pietrangelo’s agent seems to be of the opinion that Covid and the flat cap don’t apply to him, and is looking for $9+ if he leaves St. Louis, along with the signing bonus stuff and NMC. So he is 2 years older and at least $1 million/year more expensive.

      • He’s one of if not the best nhl d man to hit free agency in many years. COVID may not apply to him.

      • Agreed. Covid won’t apply to Pietrangelo. He will get what he wants.

      • George O

        I know that Lyle said that the Blue Jackets might use the 28th pick and package it to get a a scoring forward if they are able to get it in a trade from the Senators.
        If I read what Garrioh wrote in in his coloum that Senators could get a forward or a defenseman in return for the 28th pick .
        So what Lyle said is confusing me.
        If the Senators are talking to the Blue Jackets about the 28th pick for one of there goaltenders I would like to see a package deal Josh Anderson and one of the Blue Jackets goaltenders coming to Ottawa.

      • Al, while I’d like to see that too … I seriously doubt Columbus gives up one of their goalies PLUS Anderson for the 28th pick unless the prospect accompanying it is deemed at least decent. So, what are we looking at here – a Logan Brown? Or an Eric Brannstrom?

        I’m sure Columbus would jump at a Batherson, Norris or Formenton in any such deal, but Dorion isn’t about to do something that dumb – not when there are all kinds of goalies on the free agent market who will be glad to get an NHL offer at 1 year.

      • Remember guys AP is going to the Toronto Maple Leafs.

    • BruinsFan, with either your best chance at them making a difference at a good run to the cup will come in the next 2 years – at best. By the end of 2 years Krewjci will be 36, Bergeron 37, Marchand 34, Chara 45, Rask 35, Halak 37.

      Pietrangelo turns 31 in January – if he gets $8 to $9 million how long a contract will it be? In Ekman-Larsson’s case, he turns 30 next July and when his $8,250,000 deal runs out he’ll be pushing 37.

      So, the question is – IF a cup is your ultimate goal rather than a “star” name presence for 7 or 8 years as their strengths diminish – how much of a difference will either make in getting to the cup?

      • George O

        You are right about Logan Brown and Branstrom and Formenton or Batherson and Norris they should be untouchable prospects.

        I know it would not be enough and it is wishful thinking and it is not fair value I was thinking the 28th pick and Filip Chlapik and Rudolfs Balcers for one of the Blue Jackets goaltenders and Josh Anderson.

      • There is a lot of trade talk with Ottawa from all angles; the fifth, the twenty eight, and so on; Ottawa is rebuilding and lets be honest they are in the drivers seat…no team will get any Ottawa’s assets of younger player unless there is a very sweet sweenter

    • Also haven’t seen much of him; but since he has been linked to Calgary a couple times in rumours (before the recent revelation of his trade list) I had read several pieces on him. Lebrun at the Athletic had a very thorough piece. Summary is that he hasn’t been the elite defenseman over the last couple seasons that he is paid to be; but that he is a prime candidate to return to form on a competitive team.

      • Imo at some point Ottawa is either going to have put these prospects on the big team or make some trades. Some of these prospects will become blocked by the depth on Sens and will either become trade capital or eventually sign somewhere else. No one should be untouchable if it makes your team better. You have to give good assets to get good assets.

      • Very valid points Ttutone – however, if you look at their roster right now they only have 9 signed. Once RFAs Connor Brown, Chris Tierny, Nicholas Paul, Anthony Duclair and Joshua Brown are finalized they’re up to 14. Barring trades, RFAs almost sure to have spots are Norris, Batherson, Formenton, Zub and Brannstrom. Now they’re up to 19. Somehow I doubt RFAs Hawryluk, Balcers and Logan Brown will get spots so the last 2 could be filled by trades using a combination of picks and one or two of those last 3 prospects. The flies in the ointment is if they have to conclude that Nilsson might not be good to go, in which case one space goes to a goalie – either through trade or short-term from the UFA list with Nilsson going on LTIR with Gaborik, while it is conceivable – depending upon who are picked 3 and 5 Tuesday night – that both could jump direct to the NHL.

        Next season Anisimov, Reilly and probably Nillson will be gone, as will Gaborik (all 4 will be UFAs). The only almost sure one to have a roster spot next season will bve Lassi Thompson.

        One thing to keep any eye on as to their assessment of the long-term viability of those RFAs to be re-sign, is the length of the settled deals. Anything 3 years or over is an indication that they expect them to be around for a while. Anything less and they could be trade fodder.

        All pure speculation, of course, I’m not about to try and claim “inside knowledge” like some about certain other teams.

      • That line should read “Barring trades, ELCs almost sure to have spots are Norris, Batherson, Formenton, Zub and Brannstrom.”

    • Ken Campbell, a writer for The Hockey News, wrote a great article about OEL, which you can find here:

      I am not an expert on OEL. I remember watching him play with Karlsson on Team Sweden and he was lights out. However, I have heard mixed reviews about his underlying numbers in the NHL. He plays for Arizona, so people in the northeast tend to not really watch him (myself included). Take the article for what it is.

    • Bruinsfan1, two big differences which puts things at the opposite side.

      Boston needs a LD

      OEL is the LD but he has a high cost

      AP is a RD and just cost term

      OEL skating is exceptional, excellent passer, high hockey in but his play has dropped, could it be tired of playing in Arizona?

      AP has leadership qualities and can lead his team and will play a physical game.

      Either player would instantly become Boston top dman, so in that case nothing to lose other then prospects and picks for OEL.

      Another factor its believe that Arizona will have to eat some $$$, so in the end OEL deal will be less then that of AP.

      Lastly one is a lefty and one is a right go get them both. Then you have a top pairing.

      • Doubt OEL is tired of playing in Arizona, in fact, may be the opposite or he would have expanded his NT list.

      • And he probably would not have agreed to the length of that deal which STILL has 7 years to run. It’s not like the Coyotes were a powerhouse – or even promising to be one – when he signed it, Maybe he was dazzled by figure-filbert Chayka at the time. Who has since abandoned them – likely after “analyzing” the bloody mess he created. Frankenstein gone wrong all over again. Bettman must love him!

      • Kevin R the team has a new GM and it’s been reported that OEL and Tocchet don’t get along.

        So being tired of playing in Arizona is more about who is playing for, not where he is playing.

        If the reports are accurate and which alluded to Tocchet wants a more physical brand which Oel doesn’t go out of his way to initiate.

        If your workplace becomes toxic to you, sometimes you rather move then stay in the city you love.

    • I have seen OEL play probably 20-30 games since 2012. He used to dominate the full 200 ft when he was out there with tantalizing promise. It seems that he either adjusted his game to focus more on his own end or has lost his mojo for offence due to team biases. I love his skating and his smarts. He may not rival Pietroangelo but if you lose that sweepstakes, he may then be the best available defenceman after Pie. Definitely a great replacement for Krug in Boston. Just my opinion.

    • @bruins fan..what’s up with Rask do you know? Is he a rfa ufa ??? Rumor O e L and Kessel to Bruins…you like that? KESSEL just needs someone to get him the puck like in Pittsburgh..O e l is good..I think krug is better but he seems to b leaving…who would you move to get those two.kessel strong on the PP

    • Sign Pietrangelo use players to trade for a power forward to play with #46 and add some toughness in the 3rd & 4th lines

    • I think Boston should go after Hanifin in Calgary. They are rumored wanting to move him and I think he would cost less than going after OEL. He is younger, bigger and a much lower contract.

    • I think OEL is the most overrated defenseman in the league. He has top-pair offensive upside on many teams but he cannot defend man-to-man at all. The reason everyone thinks so highly of him is exactly what you said — people don’t watch Coyotes games and just assume he must be a dominant defenseman, which he absolutely is not.

      • Agree 100%.

  2. If the Flower is moved I fully concur with Campbell’s suggestion re the King going to the Knights

    He has am illustrious career that really is only missing a Cup

    He could sign a full NMC with NJ with a promise that they will do their best at TDL to move him to a contender (of which he’d have control with his NMC)… and then not move away from his family until TDL

    He could also retire… less likely IMHO

    The Swedish tandem backstopping the very strong Knights team would be something to watch

    Re to-through (3 way) trade for the Flower… tough but possible…. might be something along the lines of

    Knights retain 25%, middle team then holding at 75% retains 50% (max) of that… end team gets him for $2.6 M Cap hit


    Knights $1.75
    Mid $2.62
    End team $2.62

    Knights give say Krebs; end team give similar prospect

    Very difficult to get done… but in theory workable

    What team (mid in trade) is willing in effect, to “buy” 2 Kreb’s like prospects for $4.7 M cash.

    Remember..l in non Covid times… Canes set “buy” bar on what they expected to be a mid 20’s first rounder at $3.8 M (Marleau deal)

    That was for an unknown draftee, and in Covid times

    would $4.7 M , NOW, but 2 known 19/20 year old first rounders… NHL ready next year or year after?

    Knights would have likely near $9 M on books for MAF retained; Lehner; back-up ( Hank)?

    • Pengy, so lets say LA is the middle team, while the Wild lands Fleury in your scenario.

      Could the Kings demand Vegas’s 1st rder & the Minny’s 2nd rder???

      That would give the Kings 6 picks in the 62 picks of the draft. It well be worth the $2.62 mill cap hit for the next two seasons

      • Hi Uwey I was thinking higher than that

        If the final team (Wild in your example) is getting MAF for 37.5% (my example)… that’s Cap of $2.6 M, and cash of $2.4 M (20/21) and $2.25 M (21/22) then I’m suggesting Krebs maybe from Knights (sweetener) and similar to Krebs from Wild

        Krebs …. 17th overall… but unlike the “unknown” 17th’ish this year …. no knowing what will transpire with that pick… you have a known 1st rounder in that he has 1 year (well 2/3rds of a year due to Covid) under his belt to see any developmental path after his draft year

        I just used Krebs(who could be a year away from the NHL) but maybe I could have used Elvenes or Lechyshyn (a couple of more years older/developed than Krebs)

        Were you hearing that LA is interested in playing middleman?

        Note… this multi-trade needs MAFs approval OR BOTH teams are on his 20 allowable trade teams list

        either way an unknown 1st and 2nd for almost $4.7 M in cash; during Covid…. is low IMHO

    • @Pengy

      Why not MAF as a Devil?

      • With $6 mill per for the next two seasons on the books for Schneider & the Devs needing to resign RFA Blackwood, I doubt they want to invest anymore money into a goaltender!!!!

      • Why not? Devils are already paying bags of loot to Schneider and need to resign Blackwood.

        Pleeeeeease dont suggest Jersey trade Snides…..

      • Hi ds

        With Uwey and RJ on this… I don’t see it being NJ

        1) has to be on MAFs list… I have no idea if it is; but more importantly;
        2) Scheider and MAF and giving up a first and having $8.6 M for Schneider and MAF; or worse
        3) Moving or buying out Schneider (cost in sweetener if moved ; and then add 1st for MAF)… that’s 2 firsts (if Schneider is moved) for MAF to battle 1A 1B perhaps with Blackwood … who they still have to sign

        I just think Flower ending up in NJ is a long shot

        My 2 cents worth

  3. OEL: I’ve read that Van. Is a popular landing spot for Swedes. Other than that, I’d love to know why OEL has them and Boston as only 2 spots he’d agree to go.
    Lundqvist: In last few years he’s had no interest in leaving NY. This is 1st year where he would’ve been starting season as a clear back up, which he apparently wasn’t interested in doing. Lundqvist lives in NYC. He still has great relationship with team. JD said in call the other day that he still works out at training center and is welcome to use as much as he wants. With the uncertainty of where and how games will be played in coming season, (hub cities?) I don’t see him jumping into a decision right away.

  4. So many goalies available

  5. Any tampering charge against Vegas will be that much harder to prove when he signs with the Leafs.

    Can’t wait for Andersen to be dealt, feels like the night before Christmas, the spirit of giving …the loser away.

    • Wendel wendel Wendel….ffs!

  6. Yes ds, this off season we’ll see a goalie carousel like no other.

    • @CV
      The big question is who is Sakic going after?

      • Hi..good afternoon


        I have a lot to say ..but I dont think anyone cares to read most my posts so I will keep it simple ..LOL…

        I think Hall would be making the biggest mistake of his career not going for security and a long tem deal at 28 years of age…especially in these time he has had some injuries in the past as well…that may creep up in the next 2 years that become a bigger problem as you age …

        He would be getting terrible advice from his agent if he does not sign a long term contract this year that is guaranteed money ..and most likely… insured ..

        As one can see and many of you discuss here there are a lot of players that can still play but are getting pushed out of the league due to the flat cap ..and pressing issues…2 more years sunder his belt would put him into his 30s ..Iam not sure a team signs him for a mx deal after that …IMO

        O E L

        There is a physicality and grit missing to his game …that I would say doe not put him into a 1 A D man ..he has great puck stats ..for possession because he has had this inflated due his standing on the Yotes …he was also overpaid because the Yotes used that money to help get to the cap floor so why not …as they were taking on other contracts anyways …I would not take this guy at his total cap hit …IMO for the AAV ..

        For a team that really likes puck possession Corsi this is your guy ..but he would not be ..THE MAN on another team like a Headman ir Petro by any stretch if you care for my opinion which most likely you wont LOL


        Take care …be safe …all the best

      • I was thinking more of Sakic’s goalie position
        but he has the space for 1 year of Hall

      • Hi Kal El

        Agree that if Hall CAN get the long term he should push for it… agree that 1 year contract is absolutely nuts… mostly in that if he has a career ending injury… that’s all he gets; but if it is a multi-year contract…and he gets injured (Career ending) in first year… he gets paid all those multi years (likely by insurance company ) while on LTIR (e.g Pronger paid a few years while on LTIR… then retired, etc)

        In addition… even if he has no injury… if he is only getting one year… his next contract “may” be longer/better but they are still parsing it back due to down economy AND he is then starting that contract at 30

        Before Covid the chatter seemed to be oft hovering around the 7 @ $9 M

        Let’s say one team willing to go all in 1 year @ $11M (I’m just throwing this out to compare to the alternate)… so he is guaranteed $11 M even with a career ending injury….

        I’m thinking 3 @ $8 M (with potentially less earned (if healthy, years 4 and on with a then new contract )) would be much better than taking 1 @ $11M

        Also… who is offering it…


        Great city but with low expectations of a cup?

        Tax advantages ( Panthers; * Bolts; Stars; *Preds; *Knights)

        *Can’t fit in but just showing as an example

        He just might have to settle for a team that has a Potential shot 3-4/years from now; but is not yet a contender; and is not in the great tax advantage cities (Mont/Ottw) … for say 7 @ $7 M

        That to me is better than say 1 @ $11M from say Avs

        Let’s say somehow Knights or Dallas or Bolts (3 of the last 4 remaining teams this year) somehow miraculously found the Cap room…. they could offer 7 @ $6.5M to Hall.. . And Montreal for instance would have to offer 7 @ $8.8 M to get same take home (rounded at $4.1 M per … and Stars , Bolts, Knights already at or closer to cup than Habs

        Oil don’t have space right now either

        1 year high hit with Avs just could be the kicker to get them to SC… but 1 year way to risky, IMHO, for Hall

        If I’m his agent…. steer completely clear of any 1 or two year offers

        This will be very interesting to see where he lands; for how long; and for how much

      • Ottawa is as much a tax advantage city as is Toronto, Pengy – better, in fact, when you look at municipal taxes. But neither are in the same category as Montreal which is front and centre in THE most taxed province in the country

  7. If Hall is serious about accepting a one or two-year deal, the Avs have to be a serious contender for his services. They have cap space and he could be the play driver they need on the second line. I would think a two-year deal would be better for him for at least a bit of stability and better odds of winning a Cup before he moves on to a longer, more lucrative deal with a team that may or may not be in a position to win. A two-year deal would also be team-friendly because they don’t want to commit long-term money to anyone until after MacKinnon gets re-signed in three years and they have Makar and Landeskog to re-sign sometime over the next year.

    • Kal El, agree that Hall would be crazy to go short term with his injury history. Even if he wants a cup bad, there is no guarantee he will pick the right team. Hossa picked wrong and eventually got his cup, but that was prior to the trend of teams getting rid of their 30+ yr old players

  8. i hope the Bruins get OEL he is good but overpaid by about 2.5 mil There fanbase want Krug gone they will miss him on the PP Chara will or should be gone IMO best penalty killer of all time very underated Rask shouldn’t be traded either hard to replace top 5 goalie

    • Hi Leo

      Using ur scenario… if Arz will accept the 30% retention… that’s the $2.5 M you are talking about… what do Bruins have to give up to get OEL effectively for 7 @ $5.75 M?

      From Avs side… OEL still owed $54 M as at right now

      30% retention… gets good return in assets ; saves $38 M
      50% retention…. gets far better return in assets; saves $27 M
      Buyout… no assets… only saves $16 M (because there are guaranteed SBs to be paid)… won’t be doing the buyout option

      • Pengy…..the Bruins may have to get rid of DeBrusk and a prospect . It depends what Arizona wants as far as money back they may want only picks and prospects. It could also be a bigger trade with there goalies included but depends on Arizona wallet

  9. Wendell is officially becoming one of my favs. He is trolling people so hard and doing it in a non insulting non ignorant way. Keep it up Wendell! The leafs are losers but you are winning bigly!

    • Agreed Chris, that’s the non-linear thinking hard at work!

  10. Do the other GMs in the league have to get negotiation rights from Toronto to sign each “difference maker” that hits ufa status?
    Or do we assume that each and every one will sign with the Leafs for league minimum just so they can join the Kyle Dubas/Sheldon Keefe playoff juggernaught?

    Is that the Shanaplan?!?!

    Asking for a friend…..

    • Case in point.

      • So, where is the self-righteous indignation from Ron Moore?

  11. Oliver Ekman-Larsson is not worth the hype, nor a future raise. He stood tall back when the Yotes had diddly on the bue-line. He’s a solid first-pair guy, but won’t be a star on just any team.
    Taylor Hall really has not stood out nearly enough to go with his pedigree. I think that any team that tries to sign him, better have the chemistry problem figured out.
    Alex Pietrangelo is a great defenseman – BUT, any team that signs him for the money he wants is going to screw-up their current team and handcuff themselves in terms of cap-space in a very cap-unfriendly covid era.
    Everybody and his dog thinks that they can land a cheap starting goalie this October, but many may be surprised at how tough it is going to be. Unlike other years, with Covid 19 creating such uncertainty, we may well see a lot of UFAs and RFAs choose to sit-out for months before they panic and sign a deal they don’t see as fair.

    • Hadn’t considered that last angle doktor dave. Going to be interesting to watch.

      • Of course, the problem then becomes – determining whether or not they are unsigned because they didn’t like the offers … or because no one made an offer?