Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – November 15, 2020

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The latest on the Jets and Lightning in the Sunday NHL rumor roundup.

WINNIPEG SUN: Ted Wyman reports a recent poll of Jets fans reveals they don’t want their club to move Patrik Laine, they would prefer if Jack Roslovic was traded, and management should have another season to get things right.

The majority of Winnipeg Jets fans don’t want Patrik Laine to be traded (NHL Images).

Laine, 22, is rumored to be on the trade block as he enters the final season of his contract. It could prove difficult re-signing him, but almost 80 percent of Jets fans surveyed believe he shouldn’t be traded. 75 percent want the Jets to re-sign him though most wouldn’t want to overspend to do so.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Jets will have to overspend if they want to keep Laine. He’ll be a restricted free agent next summer with arbitration rights who’ll demand a big raise, especially if he regains his 40-goal form. The current economic uncertainty facing the NHL might work in the Jets’ favor. Nevertheless, there could be a club willing to pay Laine whatever he wants that could be willing to meet the Jets’ asking price in the trade market.

Almost 60 percent of Jets fans believe the club should trade Roslovic. He’s reportedly been shopped in recent weeks in an attempt to land a top-four defenseman. Just over 50 percent would like to see Sami Niku traded.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Roslovic is believed to be unhappy with his current role and prefers regular top-six minutes. The 23-year-old is a versatile two-way forward who can play center or on right wing.

He’s currently a restricted free agent without arbitration rights who’s likely to get an affordable short-term bridge contract. The Jets aren’t in any hurry to move him. That could change if they get a suitable offer from a team with depth in defenseman seeking an affordable young forward with upside.

THE ATHLETIC: In a recent mailbag segment, Joe Smith was asked about the possibility of the Tampa Bay Lightning trading a bad contract, like Tyler Johnson’s $5 million annual average value, for a bad contract with a lower AAV. He doubts that happens as the Lightning must clear around $10 million in cap space.

Smith can’t confirm if it would cost the Bolts a first-round pick to move Johnson but he feels they’ll have to add a sweetener. He also doesn’t get the sense Johnson has expanded his list of trade destinations beyond 8 – 9 clubs.

Smith said Lightning general manager Julien BriseBois is working the phones seeking cost-cutting deals. However, the market is quiet right now because of the flattened cap and uncertainty over the start of the season.

While they could start the season with one of their restricted free agents (Anthony Cirelli, Mikhail Sergachev and Erik Cernak) still unsigned, Smith feels they’ll get them signed before then. He also hasn’t heard anything suggesting a rival club could attempt to sign one of them to an offer sheet.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Lightning’s efforts to clear cap space by moving someone like Johnson to re-sign those RFAs will likely increase once the start of the season has been confirmed. For now, there’s no reason to rush into anything. If the season begins sometime in January, expect business to pick up in December.


  1. sounds like Roslovic has a pretty high opinion of himself. Not sure the Jets feel the same since they went and brought back Stastny as the 2l center. Sign a 1 yr contract , earn your minutes, put up some numbers .

      • not saying the talent and potential aren’t there George , would rather see him earn the top6 vs. expect it to be handed to him

    • On the other hand , Chevy may be trying to trade Roslovic, and is asking a kings ransom in return. I’m sure Columbus is in the picture (Roslovic is from there). I’d love to see NJ trade for him, as maybe he’d eventually move into Zajac’s job when he moves on/retires.

    • George O, personally Winnipeg wouldn’t miss him much.

      Yes got speed and decent size, also smart.

      What he doesn’t have is grit, back away from any type of physical play, not going to the tough area. His shot isn’t anything special.

      • OK, I don’t see the ‘Peg that much so you are all better placed to pin-point him … but reading the above blurb, if he’s situated where he ought to be (i.e., bottom 6) based on his lack of grit, is Cheveldayov cutting off his own nose to spite his face by seeking a “top 4 D” in return?

        What do you all reasonably think he should bring back in a trade?

    • This is why Chev loses me in his ask, he wants a top 4 D return for a a bottom 6 forward???? Roslovic & Lianne wont get traded as long as Chev’s asking price is through the roof.

  2. As long as we understand there is a difference between over paying and market value.

  3. I would add on Roslovic that maybe he hasn’t been traded yet because other teams don’t see him as a 2C either. On the flip side, Cirelli has no path to 2C with Stamkos having 4 years left on his contract and Point not going anywhere. IMO, if he was included as the sweetener in a Johnson trade, that might be Tampa’s least painful move. Still think a deal with Detroit seems most likely.

    • How is adding Cirelli -an unsigned RFA, who is currently a problem for TB and would only become a problem for Detroit- a sweetener?

      Two decent middle-six forwards are going to make a big impact in Detroit? Is this what rebuilding teams do? Stockpile mid-range talent?

      And why does Yzerman want an overpaid 2/3C on a team with too much non-top-tier talent? He just went to arbitration to keep Bertuzzi’s cost down and he’s going to trade for an overpaid middle-six forward? I don’t think so, not without an *actual* sweetener.

      • Garth, Cirelli is the sweetner, and a very good one at that. To say otherwise is just plain wrong. The guy is 23 years old and just finished 4th in Selke voting.

        That is just the player Yzerman would be looking to build his forwards around.

  4. Laine and a 2nd to Boston for DeBrusk and Carlo

    • Wouldn’t that turn Boston into Edmonton east? i/e/, all offense – no defense – with McAvoy, Grzelcyk, Moore, Clifton, Lauzon and Zboril (?)

      Or, at least, what Edmonton has been trying to resolve for several years

  5. Re Johnson…. I’ve mentioned before that it comes down to his list now and space on those teams

    Receiving team IMHO ; is only taking him for 1 year…. it has been mentioned a few times about TJ and Kraken ….. he grew up a couple of hours away

    As it stands right now with 20% escrow… even if there is no pro-ration…. max a team pays for him in 20/21 is $3M (with $300 K of that deferred)…. and receiving team can move him to any of 20 teams after 15/6/21

    TJ + 1st for a low level AHLer (has to be something coming back

    Raddysh and Foote up

    That’s leaving $6.15 M for Cerelli, Serg, Cernak…. and one depth forward…. the issue as always is what they would need to pay Serg…. that causes them over

    BrisBoise could trade for a “big” LTIR… have them right at Cap day one; but with Serg and/or Cerelli yet to sign; then sign them day two with demotion of two players and using C they gained on LTIR…. very complicated and loads of risks… but an option

    However…, if it is Serg that is really the clog….. add Serg to Johnson deal and get a bottom six ELC back; bring Raddysh and Foote up…. that leaves just a little over $7M for Cernak and Cerelli and 2 more roster spots

    For $7M + …. they just might be able to get Cernak, Cerelli, Vats, and depth forward

    From cup winning team… Vats replaces Serg, Foote in instead of Shats, Schenn/ Cernak with more minutes (replacing Bogo)

    Raddysh (younger , bigger) in for TJ

    Bottom 9 (in TJ move) and depth forward replace Verhague and Stephens

    Certainly not as good a team as the Cup winner… butStammer should be back for full year…. so team proposed above still very much a contender… and under the cap, and Bolts still have their first

    Team getting TJ and Serg…. get top flight D and use TJ as “exposed” position in Kraken draft; for the expense of a lower tiered bottom 6 ELC

    Just sayin’

  6. No matter when or what TB is in a world of hurt cap wise.

    Brisebois will get extorted be sure of it. NTC’s are coming back to haunt them & not many teams in a position to bail him out. Those teams are licking their chops & waiting like vultures.

  7. How is it that the Peg needs dmen and Harmonic wants to play there that nothing has worked? Se
    ems like Chevy has zero interest

    • Winnipeg has had to use Little’s LTIR value to sign RFA’s with Roslovic still unsigned. Addressing defense issues in house, with the flat cap and the expansion draft to deal with, utilizing Jet prospects, two of which seem quite promising, is the best route and doesn’t block the NHL development of said prospects.