Sunday NHL Rumor Roundup – January 10, 2021

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The latest on Pierre-Luc Dubois, the Devils’ options to replace Corey Crawford, and an update on the Islanders in the Sunday NHL rumor roundup.

NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks believes the Rangers would have to pay a “painful cost” to acquire Pierre-Luc Dubois. The 22-year-old center reportedly seeks a trade despite recently signing a two-year contract with the Columbus Blue Jackets.

It would prove costly for the New York Rangers to acquire Pierre-Luc Dubois from the Columbus Blue Jackets (NHL Images).

Brooks said the Rangers are monitoring Dubois’ situation. He believes the Jackets will want a center in return, suggesting the Blueshirts might have to part with Filip Chytil as part of the return. He also thinks the Jackets would want Alexis Lafreniere or Kaapo Kakko in the deal. Brooks suggests K’Andre Miller, Matthew Robertson, Tony DeAngelo or Vitaly Kravtsov could also interest the Jackets.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I think the Jackets would want a player who can improve their roster immediately. Maybe they’d be tempted to accept a package of young Rangers’ players/prospects if Lafreniere were part of the deal, but I don’t see the Blueshirts moving him or Kakko. Perhaps the Jackets would accept a package of young players and/or prospects if they could flip some of them to another club for an impact center.

TORONTO SUN: Steve Simmons said if he were New York Islanders general manager Lou Lamoriello he’d trade recently-signed Mathew Barzal to the Jackets for Dubois. While Barzal is the better offensive player, Dubois is bigger, less expensive and plays a better three-zone game.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: But Lamoriello isn’t Simmons and he’s not going to trade Barzal for Dubois. It would be a little risky for the Isles as we don’t know if Dubois would commit beyond next season to staying on Long Island.

THE ATHLETIC: Corey Masisak examines the New Jersey Devils’ options to replace Corey Crawford. The 36-year-old goaltender announced his retirement yesterday.

For now, their tandem will be starter Mackenzie Blackwood with Scott Wedgewood as the backup. Masisak points out the external options aren’t ideal, with Jimmy Howard as the only goalie in the unrestricted free agent market who won a game in the NHL last season. Howard won just two of 27 appearances with a .882 save percentage with the Detroit Red Wings.

There were reports earlier in the offseason that the Vegas Golden Knights were looking to trade Marc-Andre Fleury but Masisak felt they had time to find a suitable backup by then. He wonders if the Arizona Coyotes might promote Adin Hill and listen to offers for Antti Raanta, who has a year left on his contract with a salary-cap hit of $4.25 million.

The waiver wire could be another option. The Toronto Maple Leafs placed Michael Hutchinson on waivers yesterday.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Devils could start the season with the Blackwood-Wedgewood tandem and see how things unfold. It’ll be interesting to see if they pluck someone off waivers. The fact no one signed Howard by now suggests he has little value to NHL clubs.

If the Devils opt for a trade they have plenty of salary-cap space to take on Raanta’s cap hit if the Coyotes want to move him. Fleury, meanwhile, isn’t available. The Golden Knights intend to start this season with Fleury and Robin Lehner splitting their goalie duties.

THE ATHLETIC: Arthur Staple reports Islanders GM Lou Lamoriello was trying to trade a player in order to sign Mathew Barzal to a long-term extension. However, it appears no team was willing to take on Thomas Hickey or Leo Komarov with budgets tight and the start of the season fast approaching. Barzal yesterday inked a three-year, $21 million contract with the Isles.


  1. The Devs took a big hit with Crawford’s retirement. I wish him and his family nothing but the best. However the timing could not be worse. In the division of death with a compacted schedule having a viable goalie tandem was critical and Crawford was really important. Wedgewood will now have to play meaningful games, and i do not see that ending well for the Devils. Lottery here we come. So I beg Bettman not to change the rules again that would penalize the draft position of the Devils. Palms, Vats Gusev are all available amongst others….

    • Hi Chrisms

      “The Horror” …..LOL

      Rorabaugh is usually way off…. and so again

      Perhaps he meant perfect 7th D in WBS

      He is nowhere near Riikola. Not even close.

      If Rorabaugh is “stuck” on having 7th D as a true rightie (BTW Riikola although a leftie can easily play, and has, RHD far superior to that of CR)…

      So true righties….

      Trottman far better than CR

      What I have seen of Lingren… much much better than CR

      What I have read about both Reilly and Maniscola…. both better than CR

      Setting aside having a true “rightie” as 7th D…

      Czuczman far superior to CR AND can play RD

      Joseph has at times played RD… small sample size…. but my eye test has him much better than CR

      I’ve not seen Almari and Cameron play or read much about them

      So… as far a Pens depth….. CR is at the very best ; Pens 14th best DMan

      Rorabaugh’s assertion of fairly inexpensive …. CR at $700 K…. note …. both Czuczman and Trottman… far bigger, faster, waaaay better than CR… AND both have same NHL Sal as CR

      Rorabaugh confused once again

      Note … Pens don’t need to carry 8 D on main roster… had they put CR (as they should have) on to WBS… Pens would have had 22 on roster and just over $2M in space…. and Duclair signed for $1.7 M …. just saying

      “the horror”

      • I like Seth and think he is right here. Chad plays acceptable bottom pair minutes even after sitting for long stretches.

      • Hi Chrisms

        Sorry if I inferred I didn’t like Rorabaugh

        Not the case

        I don’t know him

        I completely disagree with the article you cited; and He is just often more wrong than right

        In the case of him asserting that CR is a good 7th D, when there is a minimum of 5 and likely 6 or 7 others currently showing on CapFriendly below the line; better than him … just makes no sense at all. Not at all

        Setting aside those showing below the line…. Riikola is absolutely head and shoulders above CR’s playing level

        Riikola is 3 1/2 years younger; much much quicker; and has a far superior hockey IQ

        I’m convinced that Riikola either said something inappropriate to Sully or made a pass at Mrs Sully… Sully repeatedly put him in the press box after playing a very strong game

  2. It is as if these Hockey writers are wishful thinking FANTASY hockey players, imaging a 3 for one where they get the best player is going to be immediately scooped up even by teams that look pretty darn good BEFORE a trade…

  3. Brooksie gave a bunch of combos as trade offers. Columbus has a bunch of centers and also have their share of young players. (Neither Foudy or Texier are listed on current cap friendly roster, but both played in last seasons playoffs) DeAngelo would add offense from the backend, something Rangers have with Fox now and in near future with Lundkvist. Imo, NY won’t be parting with any of Laf, Kakko, or Miller.

    • W/O parting with Laf, Kakko or Miller they aren’t sniffing Dubois …

      • EdVanimpe. Columbus was one of the lowest scoring teams in league with one of the worst PP. if I am them, I’d start my ask with DeAngelo and go from there. They have 7 dmen on their roster. All 6’2 or bigger. DeAngelo would dramatically help their PP. Rangers are on opposite side. They need to be better defensively and have no issues scoring. DeAngelo plus either Chytil or Strome(take back Dubinsky contract) … plus?

      • Slick 62 – I don’t think DeAngelo helps CBJ’s power play much – he will not be slotted in there above Werenski or Jones. Columbus needs scoring forwards even with PLD, and would need them much much more without him. And since Columbus is not in a rebuild mode, picks or prospects who are not ready to contribute in a significant way right now won’t do anything to convince the Jackets to part with PLD.

      • Lago. DeAngelo was tied with Quinn Hughes for 4th in league in scoring among dmen. He had 19 points on PP. that’s 3 fewer than Jones and Werenski combined. Again, Columbus could use a smooth skating, offensively gifted dman. They have a bunch of trees back there now.

      • I agree with lago, no need for deangelo on that defence.

      • Slick – right – one of the best defensive teams in the league – Werenski scores 20 goals – pretty good for a bunch of trees. So you want to trade with a team that is needs additional scoring forwards, take their best offensive forward, and give them a defenseman in return ? Makes no sense Slick.

    • If Chytil does not progress I would give up Miller for Dubois. Kakko maybe…. Laf there is no way

      CBJ do not want Ryan Strome.

      • Slick, for a player that you value so highly, you sure try to peddle De Angelo a lot. I really don’t think a defensive liability like Angelo would bring that much. I read an article that many in the league view him as a head case.

      • Sparky, it’s all about needs and dealing from position of strength. Columbus has scoring issues. Rangers have defensive issues. Rangers have Fox and a kid they drafted a few years ago that is currently killing it in Swedish league. That’s 3 smaller, offensive dmen. Columbus has a good defense but lacks that kind of talent in backend. If they’re looking to improve, you focus on your weaknesses.

  4. Really nice of Crawford to stick it to the Devils … but Jersey will be okay, they have a rising star for a GM, young talent and hopefully a patient owner …

  5. Five days till reg season and Sweeney has done nothing. I’m hoping this is his last year in beantown

    • You are forgetting he grabbed Kase and Ritchie at the deadline last year and added Smith this year. For the first time in long time they will have 4 good lines
      D is young in NHL. Games but they are going to be good bruins should win new Division if healthy. Everyone saying bruins like stunicka Lauzon. Miller. Griz. All having great camps and 3rd line is looking real good. Time will tell if. Ritchie can keep up or swap places with. Bjork

      • Everybody’s having a good a camp check out all the other nhl camps. They are raving about their nhl prospects as well. It’s a different story when it gets to the regular season. Bruins older players are now too injury prone. Bergy is one of the best bruins of all time he’s always injured. Ritchie is bum and wouldn’t make the 4th line on my nieces bantam hockey team nuff said!

    • I’ll never forgive Sweeney for not going after McDavid, Matthew’s or Eichel. Can’t believe he’s content to sit on his hands rather than gut the team for 1 year of Taylor Hall. Something must be done about Sweeney.

      • Would you be any more forgiving if he doesn’t go after Dubois?

        The Barzal-for-Dubois proposal and the players’ relative merits described here, got me thinking Barzel would surely better what I consider the weakest part of Dubois’s game, so I checked the faceoff-win percentage of both players. I was surprised to discover that Barzal’s career win percentage is only 42%. Dubois’ isn’t much better at 43.9%.

        Those numbers are paltry compared to those of Patrice Bergeron, who wins 57.2% of his faceoffs and does everything else right, too, despite being in the twilight of his career. The Bruins couldn’t hope to come up with some one of equal value, but with him being 35 years old and Krejci 34, I’d think they’d be scrambling to come up with some way of wresting Dubois away from the Jackets. In the foreseeable future, what better opportunity will they have of adding a quality center? Could they pursue Debois?

      • Alas, Francis. All I can do is pray and cast pennies into the fountain at the back of my acreage.
        I’d trade DK46, Studnika and a 1st for him, right now if Jarmo would bite.

      • Hey Shore, what do you think about Mark Fraser trying to bring cancel culture to Orr??

      • I was being facetious, NYR.

        Wendel, Mark Fraser is no more relevant now than he was as a player. He should stick to being a retired anonymous, never was.
        Bobby is entitled to his beliefs, as we all are. Right, wrong or indifferent.

      • Whoosh

      • That went over NY4’s head like Ben Hutton going around Victor Hedman on an end to end rush, lol.

      • 😳

      • That certainly escalated to a very unfortunate choice of words/acronyms.
        I’m not usually lost for words, but jeepers, why would a person even type that over something as harmless as internet ribbing?

      • I wonder if I should have still died of COVID?

      • Don’t worry Spanky after this season Sweeney will no longer be charge!

      • Wow

      • I have the feeling that Fraser’s tweet and opinion were tweeted and opined mostly by Ken Campbell or another ghost writer looking for something sensational to rock the hockey world. Provocation, then publication goes over big in the media.

      • Rick, don’t count on it. You’ve been in error with regards to the past, even though the history has already been written for you to refer to. What on earth leads you to believe you can predict the future?

    • He’s done a lot in the past year. Just no big deals. They don’t have the cap space to add anyone unless they move someone. It was time on Chara, and Krug’s defensive liabilities made him not worth the contract he got. Wait till next season when he has tons of cap room. He’s done a great job on managing the cap.

  6. It’s difficult to see the Rangers acquiring Dubois. I believe the Jackets would want a player that the Rangers think is untouchable. Even Kakko isn’t enough, since Dubois already has developed into what the NYR’s hope Kakko will become. It would take either Lafranierre or a forward that the Rangers won’t part with. IF Dubois is traded, it probably will not be to New York.

    • I don’t expect Dubois to go anywhere right now. Every team has revenue issues and many have cap issues.

      Further, CBJ’s starting asking price is going to be sky high. I expect GMs are going to take a wait and see attitude, see how their teams do, and wait for the asking price to come down.

      Unless Dubois’ relationship with Torts really goes south in the short term, I don’t see him moving.

      • LJ, saw a video of Torts talking about certain players they’ve been using in scrimmages at center. He sees Texier there permanently. He spoke of Grigorenko and Koivu. I get impression that he’s not interested in a player that doesn’t want to be there. Makes no sense to me, but I’m leaning toward thinking he’ll be dealt sooner than later.

      • I’d rather be faced with replacing Torts, as opposed to finding a replacement for PLD.
        It’s not a difficult decision in the least.

      • Love the player Dubois is but if someone told me they did not want to be part of the organization they get moved asap

      • ds, IMO it depends on the player, the return, and where the organization is competitively.
        CLB is trying to compete in the short term and Dubois was to be a big part of that. They have no one like him in the pipeline so need a quality top 6 C or they won’t compete for anything.
        What Holland did with Puljujarvi was the right move (way different quality of player), Yzerman waited with Drouin, right move, same with Sakic and Duchene.
        Chevvy with Trouba? I dunno, depends what was offered. He was trying to win a cup and got to the WCF in 17/18 so he waited.
        Seems like waiting is most common these days as they are likely getting crappy offers right now. PLD and his agent know this too so he will be a pro.
        I pursue RNH as a UFA in the off season and if successful, move him then. For Laine!

      • I agree with you LJ. I don’t see PLD going anywhere. Columbus has him under their control for 3 more seasons, and I expect that his market value to be even higher 2 – 3 years from now. I think any team thinking they want him now should expect to pay a very painful price – but I don’t think he is being shopped.

      • ds. Does that mean you’re unhappy with Panarin? Pretty sure Columbus was willing to pay him.

      • Slick, I can’t say you are wrong but I think it would be career suicide for Torts not to play PLD. It would hurt the team’s performance, and it would not show case PLD.

        SOPark, I agree that a little Torts goes a long way. He has gotten a lot out of a mediocre line up but his in your face style has worn out its welcome everywhere he has coached. That said, I don’t think it would be good for PLD to be labelled as a coach killer.

      • Lago you don’t keep a player that doesn’t want to be there, it never works out in the end. Dubois signed the contract so he would be moved easier

      • LJ. I’m not saying he won’t play him. I agree with comments they should keep him. 2 years with a decent cap hit and will still be a rfa. Just don’t know the effect on the team environment and curious if they’re already preparing for life after.

      • @slick
        not sure what you mean about Panarin?
        because CBJ knew they couldnt resign him?

        Someone will over pay for PLD

        And if CBJ wants ADA I am all for it. Agree about 3 smaller RHD that all need top 4 minutes soon. and Trouba here …lots of on the right and little on the left

  7. My prediction for the Canadian division.


    Little worried about the Flames because they always start out slow. This could be bad for them in a shortened compressed season.
    The one thing I like about the Flames roster is the balance through out the line up including goaltending, defense, and forwards.

    • It is fun to prognosticate, FlamesFan, and how good it finally is to have hockey within reach.

      I cannot for the life of me see how you have Edmonton at the top of the Canadian pile. Save for Ottawa they have the least balanced roster. Think what happens if either McDavid or Draisatl is out for any period at all in such a compact season.

      Who has the most fire power? The Leafs, if you count the first 4 forwards only.

      If you want to talk about the most balance throughout the lineup the Habs are way better than the Flames. I say they are the most balanced line up in the Canadian division. If we were sitting next to each other in a bar I’d put a lot of money on that, and I would put up my house that the Habs are not going to finish as low as 4th.

      • LJ,
        This will be a very different season with COVID having a big influence on teams line ups.

        It would be very safe to say the order I put the teams in could be reversed ( excluding Ottawa ) with Vancouver coming in first and Edmonton 6 th.

        My reasoning for putting Edmonton first is last year during the regular season the Oilers were very good, especially Draisitl and Yamamoto. They added Turis for the 3rd line and they are very well coached.
        I hate the Oilers but people are underestimating them because they are the Oilers.
        I struggled putting the Leafs in second place because they signed a lot of over the hill veterans that I think could struggle and their defense although is better is not great.

        Somehow I don’t see your Canadians doing great this year because Suzuki and Kotkomeni are young and you don’t know what you will be getting out of them.
        On paper they should be better but I am not a big fan of this roster.

      • FlamesFan: I agree that a vulnerability is how Suzuki and KK do this year. Another is whether Josh Anderson comes through.

        Thanks for an intelligent response.

    • I would flip either Flames or Leafs with the Oilers and flip the Habs with the Jets.

      • Ok, tell me what you see as deficiencies in the Habs line up? I’d like another perspective, please.

    • 1) T*r*nt* then one and done
      2) Edmonton see T*r*nt*
      3) Calgary Battle of Alberta champs
      4) Vancouver Hoglander 4th straight Calder finalist
      5) Montreal Bergevin still needs centres
      6) Winnipeg Hellebucyk just average
      7) Ottawa Light at end of tunnel

  8. Fortunately for the Isles, when it’s time for Barzals next contract, Ladd, Hickey and Komarov will be off the books. And there’s no way they trade Barzal.Dubois is a solid player but Barzal is a truly gifted offensive player and players like that are not easily traded.

    • Howard, PLD is a year younger and has scored more goals than Barzal in exact same number of games. Barzal speed makes him look like the flashier player, but I thing Dubois size and skill make him a better all around player. I’d take either, but if I had to pick one, I’d go with Dubois.

      • The Isles have several forwards like Dubois who are not flashy but play a strong all-around game. Barzal is the only elite offensive talent they have. No way they can trade him without getting a skilled center in return. And Barzal’s points per 82 games over the past two seasons is 8 points better than Dubois. Barzal’s offensive upside is way better and that’s what the Isles need.

      • Howard.I’m not suggesting Isles trade him. Maybe he is a better player for their needs. Just saying he’s not flat out a better player.

  9. If Treliving really wants him , I think he offers no more than Monahan, Zary or Peltier , and Edmonton.’s third for Dubois , Gabriel Carson and a second.

    • Hey Silver,
      That is more than I would offer, but I would say if that was offered Columbus would probably make that deal.

  10. Dropped my daughter off at uO and stayed the weekend.

    Every time I walked by a grumpy looking old guy I said to my wife loud enough for the old guy to hear: ” you know hun, only a linear thinking arrogant fool would not see the Leafs win the Cup this year”

    No cusses, no lectures and none tried to push me into canal or traffic.

    Time for an APB on George I guess.

    PS I had to explain to my wife who George is or she may have pushed me herself. I know what you all want to say so save it.

    • Toronto should trade Mathews for Dubois and a dman. Get their cap in order

      • Hi Slick

        I’ve maintained for a very long time… Leafs can’t win the cup with 1/2 the Cap spent on 4 forwards; and they definitely need to upgrade at D

        I’ve suggested for a long time… WW for a mid 20’s top 3 (or trending towards top 3 ) D ; who is at least $2M less in Cap

        Highly highly unlikely that Dubas does that (AM for PLD + D) move…

        But…l if he did… who is the D he can realistically ask for , to be added to PLD ; in exchange for AM?

    • Get a grip guy, you sound as creepy as bigbearbadbruins’ obsession with the leafs

  11. Not directed at you Slick

  12. Steve Simmons is delusional! Barzal is twice the player Dubois is & he hasn’t even scratched the surface yet. Barzy, under Trotz’ guidance & Lou’s mentoring, he will become one of the best 2-way forwards in the game.

    • Steve Simmons makes Larry Brooks seem intelligent. It gives me hope that the US doesn’t have a monopoly on idiots.

      Barzal is going nowhere.

      He’s the face of the Isles, as they move into a new home next year. He’s a marketing dream.

      PLD is a fine player, but he’s not the type that pulls fans out of their seats with his skating ability.

      Barzal is a unique talent. He may not be the best player in hockey, but he is a highlight machine.

      Interesting that the Barzal contract is structured at 4 million, 7 million then 10 million in the final year.
      This is a home run contract for LL.

      3 years at bargain money and Barzal is still not a UFA when it expires.

      By signing this, Matt has committed himself to the Isles long term and set the groundwork for a maximum extension after this contract is up.

      Unlike an aging center who left after begging the GM not to trade him.