Little Sign of Improvement Thus Far From Red Wings and Senators

by | Feb 5, 2021 | Soapbox | 5 comments



  1. I would recommend the sens contact the bruins Bjork is available couple that with Zack S and a 2nd rounder for Chabot and you’re set

    • Pfff

      Ottawa hasn’t played a game in 310 days. Training camp was practically non existent and their star young stud just turned 19 and I assume played on European sized ice surfaces in Europe.

      A ton new faces, new systems.I don’t suggest the Sens will rise in the standings but they can certainly improve on their own and make it a difficult win for the opposition.

      Chabot isn’t being traded

  2. Lyle , I have been Sens fan for 29 years and read your site since day one. I have not communicated in the comments but plan to as I see a lack of quality Sens fans here…ha,ha. Please keep up the great work and as a high traffic web site owner myself,I appreciate what you have built here.

    Senators GM Dorion made some rather confusing UFA signings in the off-season. His Coach DJ Smith has added to this confusion by playing these over the hill players in line matchups that have cost them games.

    The Senators were not going to be playoff contention team but we’re expecting better results.

    Once Dorion and Smith have realized their the older vets were not going to contribute as they had planned they have changed course it seems.

    It seems the plan is to add in a few vets now ,who perform well and use their prospects and young players, as the plan should have been from the start.

    The youth brings engery and enthusiasm to the line-up and motivates some of the vets, this is what we will see the rest of the season.

    They are not trying to compete for a playoff spot but rather develop their young core and hope they can lean some valuable experience with quality ice time.

    Murray is a player they hope will bring some stabilization to the net ,which has not happened yet. However this is team rebuilding with young fresh players and new players and not providing a lot of support. Their expectations are low and he will have his chance to lead this team in net till their goaltending prospects are ready if can regain his form of past glory or near that.

    Things in Ottawa will be very rough this year as we have already seen but is more about giving young players ice time and building for the future.

    Ottawa fans will be frustrated at times as they watch the young team struggle but they will find optimism as they see them mature and more of their quality prospects enter into the line-up.

    The future is bright in Ottawa but you need to really watch this team on individual growth basis to see that happen and not the standings.

    Don’t expect any knee jerk trades other then moving some of their mistaken UFA’s get moved. Their young core is solid other then maybe a few players who may become expandable.

    Their core players or prospects will not be trades other then players who don’t seem to be able to crack the line-up or are UFA’s

    • Appreciate your comments, Chris. Cheers!

    • I believe the vets were brought in as a result of covid. Ottawa needed extra players. Dorian said himself that he felt trading with Americans teams may be difficult. Ottawa will have to be careful with the waivers to not lose a guy through that but they started with the vets and a prospect on practically every line. Guys will move in others move out. Over the coarse of a season those who make the team better will be on the roster.

      I’m not sure if I should be insulted with the lack of quality Sen fan comment hahaha. Maybe it means lack of guys like me, or maybe I’m lacking.

      In any case you have a Sen friend here to cheer along with you.