NHL Rumor Mill – March 19, 2021

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The latest on Taylor Hall, Nick Foligno, Kyle Palmieri and more in today’s NHL rumor mill.

TSN: Darren Dreger reports Taylor Hall is considering all his options, which include signing a new contract with the Buffalo Sabres. The 29-year-old left-winger is seeking stability either with an extension from the Sabres or a trade to a club that will extend him.

Buffalo Sabres winger Taylor Hall (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Give Hall credit for wanting to stick with the struggling Sabres. Whether he stays in Buffalo beyond this season depends on how much he’s asking for and for how long, and the willingness of Sabres ownership to make that investment. They probably regret that hefty eight-year deal they gave Jeff Skinner two years ago and don’t want to risk repeating that mistake.

Hall will certainly generate interest among playoff contenders if the Sabres shop him before the April 12 trade deadline. Sportsnet’s Mike Johnston believes the Toronto Maple Leafs, Colorado Avalanche, New York Islanders, Florida Panthers and Boston Bruins could be potential destinations.

Of those clubs, the Islanders and the Panthers would have sufficient cap space to take the remainder of his $8 million cap hit without having to shed salary. The Isles recently placed left winger Anders Lee and his $7 million annual average value on long-term injury reserve while the Panthers have over $16 million in trade deadline cap space. The Avs have around $8 million in LTIR space but that could quickly evaporate if Erik Johnson and Pavel Francouz return before season’s end.

Frank Seravalli reports Dallas Stars general manager Jim Nill remains focused on his club reaching the playoffs. They’ve got plenty of games in hand and are awaiting the return of center Tyler Seguin and goalie Ben Bishop from offseason surgeries. Both are three-to-five weeks away. If they remain close enough to playoff contention by the deadline they could become buyers. If they drop out of the playoff race by then they could entertain calls on pending UFAs like Jamie Oleksiak and Andrew Cogliano.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Stars (25 points in 26 games) are eight points behind the fourth-overall Chicago Blackhawks in the Discover Central Division. They have five games in hand on the Blackhawks but if they don’t start stringing some wins together soon they’re not going to make it.

If the Stars become sellers maybe they’ll consider moving backup Anton Khudobin. The Athletic’s Saad Yousuf points out Jake Oettinger is playing well and gaining more starts of late. He suggests shopping Khudobin at the trade deadline and get the best value they can rather than risk losing him to the Seattle Kraken for nothing. Oettinger, of course, is exempt from the expansion draft. Whether Nill makes that move remains to be seen.

Speaking of teams hoping to remain in playoff contention, Pierre LeBrun reports the Columbus Blue Jackets are also chasing the Blackhawks in the Central. He said teams are calling the Jackets about captain Nick Foligno. He’s got a 10-team no-trade list but the Jackets hope to keep him on board for a playoff run. LeBrun said the New York Islanders and Toronto Maple Leafs are the teams to watch regarding Foligno.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Following last night’s action the Jackets (31 points) are just two behind the Blackhawks, who’ve dropped three in a row. Foligno won’t be going anywhere if they remain in contention or overtake the Blackhawks.

LeBrun also reports the New Jersey Devils are expected to speak with winger Kyle Palmieri soon. He’s slated to become a UFA this summer and there will be considerable interest in the right-winger if he ends up on the block before the trade deadline.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: There was speculation earlier this year suggesting Palmieri and the Devils might come to an agreement but there have been no updates or any solid info indicating they could be close to a deal. His situation will be closely watched as there will be playoff contenders interested in his services by deadline day.


  1. The Skinner deal is bad no if ands or buts about it, Krueger just made it look worse. The guy scores 40 with Eichel and then Ralph separates them.
    Krueger maybe a nice person but he won’t be missed here in Buffalo.

    • I doubt, where Krueger is concerned, that it will ever be “the third time may be the charm.”

      • Trade Skinner to Toronto for Tavares
        1 Bad Contract for another
        We save 2 mil on the cap
        Tavares most likely has a clause , won’t accept anyways
        Talk about the worse contract ever !
        4 more years at 11 million
        8 mil- over his true worth
        Can’t fill out the lineup appropriately .,
        On another note , Leafs seeking a forward , Simmons is as valuable to anyone else on the market , IMO ..
        Need Ekholm , if not hopefully Boston deals for him ..
        Don’t know if I am Sold on Sweeney

      • Hi Ken

        Leaf fan here, closing in on 5 1/2 decades

        Re JT

        Overpaid @ $11 M… yep

        But he’s a 2C at 0.9 PPG, who is 2 years removed from 47 Gs….. and your saying he’s worth $3M per?

    • Buffalo looks like a mess; however, they have some good young players. They need to make a plan and stick to it. At least another two – three years as a non playoff team.

      • I read last night that Buffalo’s current 13 game losing streak is the longest in the NHL since 2015-2016, which was also Buffalo.

        They’ve had a lot of “good young players” during that time but have never truly improved.

    • Skinner for Price

    • He might as well be Freddie Krueger where Skinner is concerned.

    • Laying blame on Krueger is transiently convenient, but Scotty Bowman couldn’t do anything with that sad, sorry lot in Buffalo. This is the 9th straight season in which they will miss the playoffs. These last two seasons aren’t on Krueger.

      What was the big move for this season?

      Taylor Hall, a free agent signing with blinking neon warning lights on him, signed for 8 million bucks. The return so far? 2 goals. A guy whose last good season was in 2017. Gee, who saw this season coming, aside from everyone not in the Sabres management?

      The Sabres are so far gone they need a necromancer, not a different coach.

      • Am I the only one who googled necromancer?

      • I didn’t bother but George O had some impressively long and obscure word yesterday which I had never heard before also. I may have to go to Eklund website to I can converse on a level plain.

      • Hi Ray

        I may be wrong but I think it is something like a mythical Warlock/Witch or eerie magician that makes gruesome drinks that cast hexes… my mother would always refer to the Wicked Witch of the West (Wizard of Oz) as a necromaner

        I’ll have to check with her to be sure I interpreted that right

        She’s from the UK so maybe it’s a term they use

  2. Buffalo’s mess will continue until they get a legit #1 goalie … I know that a lot of teams need that as well but you really can’t compete without one … I doubt they move Eichel, Skinner’s contract is prohibitive, Hall has been a bust and Krueger was obviously a horrible choice. But yet again, do you Sabres fans want Kevyn Adams making these calls?

    • I’m ok with Adam’s to a certain extent and that’s if he gets some experienced help behind him. He’s supposed to hire a AGM and that hire has to have experience. The Pegula’s won’t do it but they should hire a PHO, but as Kim stated they know more so her ego won’t let her do the right thing. How’s that worked the last 10 yrs…lol It’s their toy so there’s not much anyone can do.

  3. Hall, IMHO, would be a fool to stay with Sabres

    He’s 30 this year… Sabres are at least 2 years away from playoffs; and 5 or more at any hint at a SC

    Staying on Sabres to the end of season just brings down his value; certainly logic prevails that he’d be more productive on another team

    Leafs in on Hall… this talk needs to stop…. (1) Leafs needs are not at Fwd… D & G are; (2) Leafs are at the ceiling… even with a middle team… Buff 50% retained, then middle 50% of that…. where is $2M in Cap space coming from; Kerfoot??? Who is taking him?

    However , Adam’s can be wooed (for Hall) by more than the teams listed above

    Up until last year I was under the belief that the total max retention (of original Cap) on a player was 50%… the Lehner trade proved this belief wrong

    Bowmen has already said that he is willing to use his Cap space for futures

    Hall, at TDL , after escrow , owed a little more than $1.5 M, and Cap space required for the balance of year at TDL ~ $2.25 M

    Buff retains 50% … ~ $760 K, and Cap of $1.12
    Bowmen retains 50% of that … $380 K cash, $560 K Cap

    What is Hall worth for final team at just $560 K required in Cap space, for a final push to the Cup? 1st and 2nd?

    Buff gets a 1st and 2nd (or equivalent prospect) and gives their 3rd to Bowmen (who bought it for $380 K)

    That opens it up for many teams …. but as a Pens fan, I hate to say it, but Sweeney should be all over that deal, in a NY minute


    Pens….Hextall… you must do everything possible to get a 3C…. Sid can’t play 1C and 2C and 3C and 4C. 🤬😡💩

    • PENGY ya 3C would help ya but not sure anything worth while is heading back out to give ya that 3C.

      Why not sign Brian Boyle??

      • Hi IHC

        Boyle would be 4C , and being idle for so long and at his age… would be the same as Janko… so no need. I think other than formally announcing it; he’s retired

        Re 3C…. to me the answer is Staal

    • pengy you are the new striker—
      striker used to write quality stuff but nowhere to be found
      good job
      go leafs–fan for 35 yrs
      ive read daily for 8 years here–your top 3 writer

      • wow, that is a blast from the past. Haven’t seen that name here in ages

      • Thank you Jeff

        Humbly appreciated but I am fairly confident that your sentiments regarding my posts aren’t shared by many here (if any at all). I believe your post may have just forced Ed to put his fist through the wall. Ouch!

        I’ve been reading here for a few years but have only been posting over the last two

        I too enjoyed Striker’s posts

        This is a fantastic site (Kudos to Lyle)…. where I believe I learn more about hockey every day (and I just recently turned 60) … and gain insight just as much from those that cheer for teams other than Leafs or Pens (my two favourite teams) as well as those who challenge my trade proposals or ideas/posts ; as I do from other Pens/Leafs fans or others that are in sync with or agree with a viewpoint I may have


      • You’re the goods, Pengy. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

    • @Pengy…. I don’t disagree with you I think Eric stahl is a good rental and be a positive influence.

      Watching the two games versus Sabres he looked invincible and slow..

      Paul Byron of the Canadiens adds speed and skill. He scored 22 20 15 before having an off season a year ago..

      Montreal has three centers ahead of him.

      $3.4 Million for a third line center whi has scored 20 plus goals twice and 15 all in the last 4 years I’ll take it.

      Can you imagine how fast a third line of Byron Tanev McCann would be wow. He fits our window of this year next year trying to win a cup.
      He does play center alot he and McCann xan to rate if necessary..

      Bad loss injury depleted line up last night
      No Malkin no McCann no Zucker Marini did comeback.

      • invisible and slow i meant Eric Stahl…LOL

      • Hi BnG

        Byron does have speed but he’s a winger. Pens absolutely need a 3C

        Agree Staal appeared unmotivated in the Pens/Sabres game… but no Sabre did

        I have strong beliefs that Staal would work out fine as Pens 3C

        Another option is Carter… yes almost exclusively playing wing now but has a few hundred games as a C under his belt… he does not have trade protection, and is big and still has great hands…… actual Sal very low; Hextall could make an offer to Blake to retain 1/2 so annual Cap hit at just $2.6 M

        Not many options out there

        Under no circumstances should Hextall pursue Glendenning…. great on the dot; and low Cap… but there is a reason for that…. why waste giving up something for him… McC is a far better 3C than him; if they are looking for that quality at 3C… keep McC at 3C and go after another top 6 winger instead

  4. As far as Hall , was a previous Hart trophy winner !
    Good attitude ..
    Chose Buffalo?
    1St mistake ….!!
    I think Boston should take a: hot at him ….
    I honestly think he would flourish in Boston
    Everyone on this Spector site mentions Boston needs scoring
    There’s your answer
    Buffalo will eat half of his cap , it’s not going to cost the Bruins an arm and a leg
    This is the sleeper IMO …
    Just the “jolt” the Bruins need for another Cup run
    Probably too expensive to sign for next year , but who cares, an IDEAL rental !
    How do you get out of bed in the morning , knowing U play for the Buffalo Sabres …
    Hall would think he was reborn again !!

    • $8m reasons why he did

      it appears not about winning for him…about $$ then winning. He wants the best of both (as do many players)

      he is hoping a winning team can clear cap to sign him to $8m long term this off season

      • IHC, to be fair, the Sabres additions in the off-season and the chance to play with Eichel (plus $8 million) and the possible opportunity with a contender at the trade deadline were likely Hall’s reasons for joining Buffalo. In the dead cap situation of the summer, he made a reasonable decision which could still pan out if he gets traded to the right team.
        Regardless he’s UFA at season’s end and can look for a deal again.

      • He won’t be getting 8mill per. At best $5 mill per, if the team is desperate enough. Hall’s game has disappeared, he looks slow and incapable. It doesn’t appear to be an injury or some sort. It seems he is headed for rapid decline. I believe that is why he insists on resigning with Buffalo as they are the most desperate team in the league. No other GMs will offer Hall to a long term mega deal at the age of 30 with clear sign of regression in performance.

      • I agree that Hall has shown himself to be more about money than winning. But he needs his head read if he thinks without peeing a drop in Buffalo this year he is going to find $8M per waiting for him long term from anyone in this climate

      • @BCF very true…it was strategic BUT it falls on him to produce. How can he claim he wants to resign in Buff when he didn’t improve the team. He knows he will get something in Buff (not close to a contender) and less $ on a REAL contender.

        You are right he knew he is trade bait for a contender and gives himself flexibility.

      • He obviously signed to play in Buffalo to be on LW with Eichel. That marriage didn’t last long at all, which was a strange coaching decision.

        Obviously he will say he wants to say in Buffalo, what else is he going to say? He isn’t producing on the ice, showing himself to have a bad attitude will further diminish his value.

  5. Hall has the tools big strong fast can shoot but has no idea how to play the game he just doesn’t think the game well. Personally I think he is a 5 million dollar player.His next contract will be one of those ooops.

    • TBH I think Palmieri is worth more than Hall. More complete game and can shoot in clutch situations. Not afraid to pull the proverbial trigger.

      • So if Hall is actually ok with signing long term in Buffalo, why the heck didn’t he just take Devils offer a couple years back?

      • @slick bc he wants his cake and eat it too
        wants to be on a cup contender, not be THE GUY ….AND…get paid top $$.

        now he realizes oops so go for highest bidder.

  6. Taylor Hall would like to stay, why wouldn’t he, $8 million for 2 goals and a -16.

    Mike Hoffman looks pretty good at $4 million for 8 goals and a +11 in comparison.

    Taylor Hall has shown nothing with this show me contract.

    On the Sam Bennett, a trade with the Habs for Arturri Lehkonen.

    Both haven’t lived up to their rookie seasons but have developed in other ways. Lehkonen is a much liked player for his 200 ft game and Sutter would love him.

    Bennett could fill a heavy role as 3rd or 4th line centre with potential that Ducharme would like.

    Tack on 2 D men that can’t crack their lineups, Victor Mete for Oliver Kylington.

    The cap hit is pretty much a wash, no quarantine and 2 of the players Bennett and Mete have asked for trades.

    • Seriously you’re a leafs fan pretending to be a Habs fan right? If not, you sure sound like one. I do not get your fascination over 3rd and 4th liners you want, like those guys are what you need the most help to make your team better. Here’s an idea, why not look to improve you top two lines since they have glaring holes and the placeholders in those spots slide down to fill your valuable 3rd and 4th lines? If those guys won’t be a fit there, you ship them out and try to fill those spots internally or via trades. You’ll win move trades that way and end up with a better team. Isn’t that the goal?

      • Novel idea! So you’re suggesting that the Habs should hire Shanny and Babs and go all in on a blatant tank job for several seasons?
        Shanny isn’t available, so perhaps the could hire Parros? Babs would probably jump at the chance at getting back in the Pros, so no problem there.
        Remember what got you to the place where you’re standing, Ron.
        Facts are important.

    • Habsfan30, Calgary is looking for a rt. shot rt. wing that could play in the top six. Lehkonen would be of no interest. Armia is a pending ufa and might fit the description for a Bennett trade although Bennett is younger, an rfa, and has more pedigree. Montreal would likely have to add a pick to make this happen. I don’t think Bennett will be traded now as he is a Darryl Sutter type of player. Not to mention he has consistently been the Flames best playoff performer going back to his rookie season. Not really interested in Mete .either.

      • Sparky,

        Sam Bennett is a bottom 6 player, presently on the 4th line and expecting a top 6 in return isn’t realistic at all, it’s why a 3rd round pick has been offered for him.

        Mete could crack the D over there easily replacing Nesterov while Kylington hasn’t been able to, he would be probably waived to Laval for some coaching.

        Neither team is a “big winner” unless the change in scenery makes a difference imo.

      • Habs fan, you consistently think other teams should take the Habs garbage and yet call out Leaf fans for doing the same. Not sure if you stay up late enough to watch the western teams but it is really hard to take your trade suggestion seriously

      • Sparky,

        If you choose to refer to Lehkonen and Mete as garbage that’s your prerogative but Kylington is pretty low on the depth chart and Nesterov was unable to crack the Habs D, Mete played a whole season with top line minutes, ergo he’s equal “garbage” at minimum.

        Lehkonen ppg is .355
        Sam Bennett ppg is .342

        You’re hung up on Bennett being a #4 pick yet he’s a bottom 6 player.

        Ergo Lehkonen is equal “garbage” at minimum.

      • Habsfan, there is more to hockey than ppg . Bennett is the Flames BEST playoff performer going back to his rookie year. He is not going to be traded as he is the quintessential Sutter type of player. Maybee you can trade your garbage to the Rangers for De Angelo. At least he isn’t wanted by his present team.

      • Sparky,
        Are you sure about Bennett being the Flames best playoff performer? Really??

        Johnny Gaudreau is accused of disappearing when the going gets tough in the playoffs. He’s too small, afraid etc etc (falsely imo) yet has more goals and as many points as Bennett.

        Bottom line, your assessment of Bennett’s value is more hope and a prayer than reality.

        He’s a bottom 6 player on the 4th line and that’s his value.

      • Do you watch the playoffs Habsfan30?obviously not the west heh. As for your argument about Benny as a fourth liner. He has also played on the 1st line. You said Nestorov couldn’t crack Montreal’s lineup . Byron
        And Kulak were both waived by the flames because they weren’t good enough for them. Watch the games don’t just read stats.

      • Sparky,

        Kulak and Byron, waived and claimed much to the dismay of Flames management lol, Byron scores on his breakaways now and Kulak was top 4 and had a great playoff last year.

        Nesterov couldn’t cut it and went to the KHL.

        Bennett is a 4th liner, that’s where he slots in the Flames lineup, quite simply he’s a dud of a #4 pick but a serviceable bottom 6 guy.

        Lehkonen has played all over the Habs lineup and to my surprise has a higher ppg than Bennett but at least I admit he’s a bottom 6 player.

        Bennett isn’t the first or last high pick that didn’t pan out, you just have to resign yourself to it eventually.

      • Habsfan30, I’m not sure if you are getting my drift. Flames would be not interested in your garbage trade proposal.

      • Sparky, save your breath, don’t worry about the facts or bring up good points like you have…not important….not to him and most of his team’s fan base. Must be a language barrier maybe.

  7. Sweeney, as a Pens fan I can’t believe I’m spoon feeding you this

    To Sabres; Bruins 1st and Vaak; Sabres retain 50% on Hall

    To Chi: Sabres 3rd (‘22), Bruins 4th (‘22) for retaining 50% (of 50%) ….basically bought for $380 K cash

    To Bruins … Hall … with remaining Cap hit balance at TDL of ~$560 K Cap

    Cost to Bruins…. 1st (‘21), 4th (‘22) , Vaak…. for putting them back in the drivers seat for race to getting out of East to semi’s

    • No thanks Pengy. See my comments below.

    • Pengy I would further add, that be like Toronto making the same offer to Nashville (substitute Dermot for Vak )

      For Pekka Renne, he also is only a couple years away from once being very good.

      • Hi Caper

        Valid points

        That said, his performance with Sabres, IMVHO; is greatly diminished/hampered by the team and situation that surrounds him

        Would he be a 2PPG guy on Bruins… not a chance

        But I would absolutely not be surprised at hovering on a PPG if he were playing on Bruins 2nd line and 2nd PP unit (with some looks at 1st PP unit)

        Again, all subjective; but I truly feel a Hall addition without a roster subtraction; seriously moves their odds (at semis) up from where they sit now

        Worth a shot

        As I’ve posted before…. as a Pens/Leafs fan… my heartfelt hopes is for Sweeney to do nada

  8. Hall Hall Hall all 2 goals; he be on pace for 5 goals im a 82 game season.

    Last year he was on pace for 20 goals.

    Hall took the money over a cup run and he bet on himself to get a long term deal with money.

    He failed miserably.

    Why would one think on a new team he is going to regain form of 3 years ago?

    If Hall isn’t creating offense he is of no value.

    Name me a player with these pultry numbers, that got traded and regained his form.

    I guess I’m wondering what would make me think I guy who betted on himself and failed, would all of a sudden be the answer to make my team and players around him better. When he couldn’t do it for himself.

    I wanted Hall in the past but now I think you might be dealing for a used car that reminds you of when it was one of the nicest on the lot.

    Taylor Hall of today is NOT worth a 1st round pick, your simply over paying for what use to be.

    • Anders Bjork for Hall let’s see what he’s got maybe a change will do wonders … don’t see how Buff resigns him

    • Caper
      As per Taylor Hall
      Worth a shot IMO
      I really thought he signed a 1 year deal to prove his worth. And playing with Eichel
      Nobody played well in Buffalo

      Not going to cost the Bruins anything of significance ..
      Bruins will give him new life !
      He’s only a rental for now

  9. Grab Hall if you can get him he will make a difference change of scenery

  10. Yeah, Taylor Hall deserves all the credit in the world for wanting to stay with a terrible team that is terrible managed and has been for literally ever, because he wants financial stability.

    A guy who has been paid nearly $50M in his career is tired of trying to win and just wants to make sure his entire family can forever live on the interest accrued in his bank account.

    It’s funny that about a week ago people were mocking Erik Karlsson for not wanting to be on a rebuilding team, and now Hall is getting praise for giving up on ever being on a winning team.

    • Erik Karlsson to VAN for Eriksson & Meyers?

      Karlsson goes to a contender and Elder’s 6m is up at year end. Good mentor to Hughes

      SJ gets long term cap relief in 2 years when Eriksson is up.


  11. Blockbuster sillyness

    to SJ: Price & Byron
    to MTL: Karlson & Jones (retained salary)

    plenty of CONS but any PRO’s to this??

    • Definitely move Byron … and maybe time for Price too ; but return has to improve Montreal’s back end

    • ihc are you sure you hate Crosby and not the Habs? LOL

      • @Habs


        I feel bad for Carey……perhaps the sunny side of Cali will do him wonders.

  12. Boston next two games cancel. 4 more players enter covid-19 protocols

    • tampering? have they been chillaxin’ with NYR coaching staff? lol

    • Good time for a reset, and hopefully get some guys healthy again.

      • Getting healthy would be nice, but I would prefer to kick BUF while they’re down SOP.
        Hopefully the boys recover fully as this could end up kickin’ em in the nards.

  13. I know it’d never, ever, EVER happen, but if I were both Habs and Sabres, I’d look for the Sabres to trade for Weber.

    Habs get out from under his cap for the next five years (maybe getting Ristolainen & Staal?) and Sabres get leadership, something sorely missing from the squad, and a player who has way more cap hit than money owed.

    Flame away, everyone 😀

  14. Boston get any more games cancelled because of COVID protocol they’ll end playing games 7 days a week till the end of this month & next to make it up. Ohh Sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!Here’s a novel idea how bout grabbing a GOOD player now instead of waiting til April 12th?! That way you won’t be left with someone like Jimmy Hayes or David Backes

    • Sweeney always waits till the last minute to make a deal in season …

      • If there was ever a season to wait this would be it.

      • Everyone forgets about the rules and limits for player protection for the Seattle draft. I think it will be a boring trade deadline. Minor tweaks, but no real blockbusters.

      • I think it will be as well SOP, some moves but slower than usual.
        If I am a CDN team I wouldn’t want to be trading for a guy and have him sit in a hotel room for 2 weeks either.
        PLD struggled, got hurt, and struggled for a couple more before he got it going a bit. It has to impact them.

  15. How many times has Byron been on waivers ? Obviously a salary thing and worth not very much if anything at all. He has standout speed but should have the given name Marion or Brittle

    No one is taking E.Karlsson. Aside from being “A “ physical and injury issues as far back as I can remember there is about 11 million reasons why.

  16. I’d Rather the b’s take Hall but now I’ve changed my mind about Nick I thought Nick was in his late 20’s he’s 33 if the b’s can’t get Hall Rackell still in his 20’s and I’ve seen some incredible highlights of his exploits. Beecher, DERUSK Halak 2nd rounder AND THROW in Bergyzzz as some added incentive somebody’s got to show them the way

    • WTF?

  17. Hey Rick
    That’s quite the tongue twister !!!

    Had to Go back on here, as I have witnessed the worst goaltending display EVER , tonight’s game, LEAFS , Flames…
    Anderson,,,, groin injury or not, BRING on the Zamboni driver..
    4 GOALS- 16 shots

    Dubais has to TRADE for a goalkeeper, Jack Campbell on the bencgh????