NHL Rumor Mill – January 28, 2022

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The Canucks’ new management faces some big decisions by the trade deadline, updates on Carey Price and Jake DeBrusk, and the latest Red Wings speculation in today’s NHL rumor mill.


SPORTSNET: Iain MacIntyre reports Patrik Allvin, the new general manager of the Vancouver Canucks, faces some big decisions over the next couple of months leading up to the March 21 trade deadline.

Teams have been calling about center J.T. Miller, who’s signed to a bargain contract running through 2022-23. The Canucks aren’t under pressure to move him now but the offers might be better for him at this year’s trade deadline compared to next year’s.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: TSN’s Pierre LeBrun believes the Canucks need to restock their prospect pipeline. He thinks they would listen if a club offered up three or four prospects or three or four assets. Whether they get that offer remains to be seen.

Vancouver Canucks winger Brock Boeser (NHL Images).

Winger Brock Boeser is owed a $7.5 million qualifying offer after this season. If the Canucks are uncomfortable with that, do they attempt to trade him at the deadline, wait until the offseason or attempt to re-sign him for a lower annual average value?

Backup goalie Jaroslav Halak will soon trigger $1.5 million in bonus money. The Canucks will have to carry that overage into next season when he could be playing with another club. They could try to move him at the trade deadline, but he carries a no-movement clause. Winger Tyler Motte is also slated to become an unrestricted free agent this summer and could also draw interest from contenders.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: I don’t see the Canucks becoming sellers unless they fall out of playoff contention by March. They could get solid offers for Miller or Boeser at the trade deadline but they aren’t under pressure to move either guy by that point.

Moving Miller would be understandable given his age and UFA eligibility next summer but Boeser’s only 24 and considered to be part of their long-term plans. Moving him would likely be an offseason decision if they’re unable to work out a suitable contract.

They could find a team capable of absorbing Halak’s bonus clause. However, his no-movement is a serious sticking point. Still, he could waive it if a contender shows interest.


TVA SPORTS: Kent Hughes, the new general manager of the Montreal Canadiens, acknowledged the importance of Carey Price to the organization, calling him “untouchable”. However, he needs to get more answers about the 34-year-old goaltender’s health before determining what comes next in terms of his future. The option of a contract buyout doesn’t appear to be in his plans. “I can’t answer that right now, but I don’t think so,” said Hughes.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Lot of suggestions about the Canadiens perhaps shopping Price at the trade deadline after Hughes was hired last week. It’s not going to happen. He carries a hefty $10.5 million annual average value through 2025-26 plus a full no-movement clause and he remains sidelined recovering from offseason knee surgery.

Buying him out would count as $10.8 million against the Canadiens cap next season, followed by three seasons of $9.08 million annually before dropping to $583K annually for the remaining four seasons of the buyout. So yeah, I also don’t think this is an option.

THE ATHLETIC: Fluto Shinzawa reports there’s no trade imminent for Boston Bruins winger Jake DeBrusk. His inconsistent play means the Bruins won’t get top assets in return. A trade might not help him smooth out the peaks and valleys in his game.

DeBrusk’s contract is also an issue. He’s a restricted free agent this summer due for a $4.41 million qualifying offer. The Bruins are unlikely to meet that QO but that would make him an unrestricted free agent this summer. They must find a team willing to qualify DeBrusk or at least take the risk of negotiating a new contract. Otherwise, acquiring him would be like trading for a rental player.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Bruins GM Don Sweeney reportedly sought a player of equal value. Given Shinzawa’s assessment, DeBrusk could end up spending the rest of this season in Boston. Still, we shouldn’t rule out the Bruins finding a taker by the trade deadline but it’s doubtful they’ll get equal value.


MLIVE.COM: Ansar Khan was asked about which players the Detroit Red Wings could realistically move at the trade deadline for draft picks during a recent mailbag segment.

The Red Wings gave up a second-round draft pick for Nick Leddy. Khan doubts they can get a similar return but feels they’ll take what they can get for a player they aren’t going to re-sign. Forward Vladislav Namestnikov is having a good season and would draw interest if the Wings decide not to re-sign him. They could re-sign defenseman Marc Staal for another season for his leadership.

Khan speculated they could attempt to move Thomas Greiss but there usually isn’t a big market for goaltenders at the trade deadline. He doesn’t expect Troy Stecher, Danny DeKeyser, Sam Gagner and Carter Rowney will attract much interest.


  1. Still believe. Debrusk will get traded. He really only had one bad year which was last year when he struggled with Covid restrictions and affected him mentally Other then that 16 g. 27g 19 g all with more then 10 games missed or more on target for 16 this year with 3rd line mins Time will tell

    • @MrBruin

      I think you’re kidding yourself if you think DeBrusk is really worth much.

      He’s an inconsistent 3rd line winger making too much money. He’s also owed a QO of $4.1M for next season. Do you really think a team will trade for that type of player?

      For comparison’s sake look at former Bruin Nick Ritchie. An inconsistent winger making $2.5M this season and next and nobody took him when he was available for free. Do you really think any team is going to offer up anything of consequence for an inconsistent winger making $3.65M and could possibly leave as a UFA after this season?

      • Daryl

        I will bet you someone will take him by deadline he will probably be in a bigger trade pkg. that is a safe bet he will be gone. And for something of equal value. You can also it up to me if he stays after TDL. Ritchie. Slow fat. Can’t keep up. But ask divas I’d he want we swap him for Foligno Lol

      • For your comparison
        Ritchie. 383 gms. 61 g
        Debrusk. 279 guns 74 g
        So Ritchie scores at rate of .16 goals a game
        Jake at rate .265 per gm
        If you remove each player worst year it is much higher for debrusk

      • Ok mr bruin. Based on all the factors. What do you believe is equal value?

  2. Miller has a lot of trade value to a contender but doubtful he brings in the haul of picks and prospects local Vancouver media thinks he will. The only GM foolish enough to trade a first rounder for Miller has already been fired.
    Boeser will be tougher to move. Not overly fast or physical and doesnt score anywhere near enough to justify a 7.5 million qualifying offer especially combined with his injury history. Buyer beware.

    Price isnt going anywhere. The salary, and term of his contract along with his injury history when combined with his off ice issues render him untradeable.

    • Miller would be perfect for Boston. Obviously DeBrusk would have to be part of the package going west. I am thinking it would take Debrusk, 2023 1st and Steen to make the deal for Miller. The sticking point might be DeBrusk, but Boston needs to part with the disgruntled, under achieving winger. The 1st and their top forward prospect might be sweet enough to take Jake.

      • Would sure like to see that J.T. Miller trade happen and if they somehow could add a LD it would put them in a good spot for a nice run in the playoffs

      • Bruins

      • I would prefer. Frederick before Steen

      • Pretty sure the B’s would have made that deal already if VCR would accept it.

        I think Lyle is right about the extension being an option for the team trading for DeBrusk, even if unlikely. What that would look like? At least a couple years at $4M and he might?

        I think Jake wants to test free agency and thinks he will do just fine if he does. No idea if he would be right.

      • The Canucks don’t have to trade Miller, he’s signed for another season. If they trade him at all, it could be this trade deadline, after the season, or next trade deadline. I think they would need more like Brandon Carlo and a 1st to do the deal. The Canucks’ big needs are RHD and reducing salary cap; a secondary need would be 2nd/3rd line C if they trade Miller. They don’t need or particularly want DeBrusk.

    • Would you feel the same way about Price if he was on Permanent LTI R? I think that is a real possibility for him…of course that would be useful to the Habs as well…. My point is I think Price’s contract might be more valuable than some think….

    • Chrisms

      I think he will be packaged in a bigger deal. But if not I would assume it would be for another similar high end young player under performing

  3. Re Halak … and his soon to be claimed PB… and potentially ‘Nucks thinking of moving him….

    Jimbo loves Chad Ruhweedel…loves him, huge. Almost as much as he loves Zucker

    ‘Nucks fans…. What else is it (realistically, not joking here) going to take to

    Flip DeSmith and Ruhweedel for

    *Halak and Schenn

    *yes I know he has an NMC…. Set that aside… if he personally believes ‘Nucks won’t make playoffs OR won’t go far if they do… he has the option to waive his NMC to join a team that he may feel has a better chance

    • When selling off assets what most gms want back is two pending ufa rentals.

      That way they get nothing in return!

      • Hi CO

        I was asking what ELSE (additional) it would take in the offer

        Your response was something everybody already knew… yes your name is Captain Obvious

        So what is the “penalty” in the offer

        Keep in mind ; per article above and in Vancouver media; there is apparently, motivation in moving Halak (PB and subsequent Cap hit kick in)

        So… what does HexBurkie realistically need to add?

      • Well the “obvious” answer what to add would be something of value.

        Plenty of other teams would offer something better than players they don’t like or need.

        Everybody also knows that teams aren’t lining up for Desmith or Rudewel, but it’ doesn’t stop you from the wash , rinse , repeat never ending proposals for either guy. That’s obvious!

        Let’s start with something of value. Zero chance , less than zero chance that price tag would be 2 pending UFAs no matter what you’re adding.

      • As usual CO, you still haven’t answered the question

        No matter how bad a contract is; no matter how bad a player is; no matter how many players are being sent and even if they are all UFAs…. There is Godfatheresque “offer that he can’t refuse”

        All here know that Cr + DeSmith can be flipped for Halak (noted if he waives his NMC) and Schenn ; IF Pens are also offering a first in ‘22 and a first in ‘23…. Jimbo would accept the offer post haste and dance naked in downtown Vancouver

        Of course that won’t happen

        On the flip side… the extra offered being a 7th in ‘32 doesn’t even get the phone answered… that deal also doesn’t happen

        So the two ludicrous goalposts are two firsts vs a 7th a decade away

        There is an amenable deal (again acknowledging Halak must agree to it) somewhere between those two fantastical extreme offers…. What is it that IS needed to reasonably expect a deal?

      • As usual, you can’t get past these ridiculous one sided deals you throw out daily that are nowhere near a reality. We had the pleasure of hearing “JJ” trades for 2 years. How did that work out?

        You basically just answered your own question.

        Zero chance anyone is taking both with attaching a ridiculous return.

        So basically, there is no deal to be had for both to one team.

        But this notion of “take our crap and we get better without giving up anything but crap” is above and beyond.

        You constantly ask this question to fans of Vancouver or whoever, they continuously tell you has these deals don’t work and you continue to ask how they can?

        You have the whole buyer / seller thing totally confused when it comes to your favorite two teams.

        I think before you propose something, maybe think about it from Toronto or Pittsburghs perspective.

        Would you trade Jarry for two underwhelming players pending UFAs and a 3rd?

        Would you trade Malkin for a few spare parts to make cap room for another team?

        No, no you wouldn’t.

        Gms LOVE their jobs. Not helping make Pittsburgh or Toronto a better / stronger team and worrying about making sure they come out on top cap wise.

    • I’d like to see your proof that Rutherford loves Ruhwedel “huge.” The evidence shows that it’s Mike Sullivan who loves Ruhwedel. He’s giving him regular shifts, long after Rutherford has left the the Pens.

      I’d like to see your proof that Rutherford loves Zucker even more than Ruhwedel. Rutherford traded for Zucker only because Guentzel had a serious injury that threatened the team’s playoff drive. Sure, he thoeght Zucker was the best available replacement, or he wouldn’t have traded for him. That doesn’t mean that he salivates at the thought of having Zucker on his team.

      It’s hard for me to imagine how you can be the first here to cry out against hockey sinners. and at the same time, unscrupulously construct a false premise to establish your argument. That’s lying to readers of thes blog, and it’s insulting them.

      • Without false premise, he has no argument.

        It’s pretty much the same proposal daily. It went from Jack Johnson for 2 years, moved on to Zucker and Ruhdewel, and morphing into Desmith.

        “Give me your treasure for my trash”

        If “Jimbo” loves these two so much, he can just wait until July. I’m sure they’ll be no bidding war for either.

        You see a lot of trades where a non playoff team sends an asset out and brings back solely pending UFA’s or a bad contract in return?

        I certainly don’t!

      • That’s not true about Zucker. There was a Phil Kessel for Jason Zucker deal on the table that Kessel nixed with his NMC. That deal had nothing to do with the Guentzel. Rutherford surely loved him some Zucker. Not sure he still does, but he definitely did.

      • “Huge” is my hyperbole and was meant that way

        Re showing his flagrant and favourable bias towards CR; setting aside his oft backing him (just like he did for JJ) publicly after rough patches (which came often)… the proof in the pudding to me is when he (Jimbo) re-upped CR; while more pressing spots needed to be filled; and did so more than a year in advance from when it (contract) started…. This for his depth defence man (in around 8th or 9th on depth chart at the time) who was in the press box for half the season and was (properly) not used in the playoffs. He also gave him a raise.

        Add to that…. Previous contract was for 2 years; signed early; for a player that spent over 60 games as a healthy scratch (as at year of signing that 2 year contract)

        If you can cite another 8th/9th depth defenceman on any team at anytime that was re-upped more than a year early and all while very important UFAs were being sought after… then I’ll gladly downgrade my viewpoint on Jimbo’s liking of CR

      • Hi Francis

        Opinions can’t be lies

        They are opinions

        Rutherford; for more than a year publicly lauded Zucker; he attempted offers on several occasions… Wild graciously sat back while Jimbo artificially inflated the end trade value resulting in overpayment.

        That in my opinion ; has Jimbo by far a major supporter of Zucker

        My opinions are oft at odds with you; CO; Ed

        That’s what they are; opinions. Differences of opinion ions is exactly what this cite is for

        Am I (as a Pens fan) livid for the gross overpayment on Zucker …. Of course

        I was livid then when Jimbo overpaid just based on what Zucker was bringing to the table in expectations at that time; I’m even more livid now

        That’s me in a nutshell on the Zucker topic… sour grapes… no denial

        I’d certainly hope that you’d agree that Pens with Addison in instead of CR; Lambos in the pipeline ; and extra $5.5 M in Cap space is way better than having Zucker on the team

      • When you are a “big fan” of 2 teams, it’s just another post to skip over & not read.

        “Trade my junk for your desireables”

      • Randino–Rutherford had his hands tied while attempting to trade Kessel. Reportedly, Kessel had made numerous trade requests, and there was friction between him and the coaches. As I recall, Kessel’s modified NMC pretty much allowed him to choose which team he would go to. Kessel nixed the Wild trade, and eventually Rutherford had to settle for whatever anyone would give him.

        When Rutherford acquired Zucker, the Wild were a rebuilding team, so Zucker was available. This time, Rutherford was dealing with an emergency, Guentzel’s broken shoulder, and his back again was against the wall.

        In both instances, Rutherford was dealt a pretty weak hand. In both instances Zucker may have been what Rutherford saw as his best available option, not his most desirable option. It’s not like Rutherford has a Jason Zucker fixation, as does Pengy.

      • That’s a faulty bet pengy cause chad was always number 7. 😝

      • Pengy–You require more words to say less than any of this site’s posters.

        An opinion is a personal belief or conviction. When you say JR loves a player, that’s an assertion, not an opinion. When you say his love is “huge” and huge is a hyperbole, you are admitting to lying, since a hyperbole is a lie.

        Squirm as you will, you often base your conclusions more on your lies than on your opinions.

        And your opinions are at odds with more than those of us you’ve mentioned, as you will notice in this sequence of comments. There would probably be more if you weren’t such a bloviator that a reader stops reading your comments half-way through. If he even gets that far, your quaint way of punctuating is bound to have him thinking “What did he say?”

        As for the dollars, the Wild took Galchenyuk’s $4.9 million hit of the Pen’s hands. The first-round selection is regrettable, but Addison hasn’t helped the Wild and must still prove he’s an NHLer.

      • Nice one Chrisms

        …. “the Horror”

        I’m very pleased with how well Pens have done; fingers crossed on either a back-up trade or Domingue back (and playing well ) soon

        That might be enough for the team in goal for a long run

        Pens have the forwards for scoring… depth UFA would be nice

        The big downfall is 3RD… Ruhweedel is faltering badly of late and this is regular season… opposing teams will walk over him(no matter how well Matheson plays) in the playoffs

        There are reasonable (in trade) upgrades; and HexBurkie needs to explore them

        At the very least, Sully needs to try out Friedman or Riikola at 3RD for 7 or 8 games…. If they work out… then things MAY be all right… if not…. A trade is mandatory

      • Francis

        Hyperbole is not a lie

        Cut/paste definition of hyperbole – “ exaggerated statements or claims not meant to be taken literally”

      • Pengy–A lie is a statement that deviates from or perverts the truth. As you say, a hyperbole is an exaggerated statement. An exaggerated statement is a lie. no matter what you intended it to be.

      • Francis

        I provided you the definition and you want to alter that definition; and reimagine it; then reengineer it to fit your narrative.

        You seem to be one that has to argue circles just to put a square peg in a triangular hole; failing at every try; and then tell everybody that there was no hole or peg there to begin with.

        You’ll never win an argument like that with anybody but yourself.

        Sorry I just don’t have time to provide you English lessons.

        More than happy to banter in a cogent exchange regarding hockey.

      • I apologize re my last post.

        I have no right to make fun of your English.

        I don’t know you and hastily jumped to a conclusion.

        That was insensitive and certainly not the way I conduct myself. It was out of character and not the way I wish to be posting.

        I humbly apologize

      • Pengy

        FYI-You responded long after I was asleep, and I didn’t care to bore Spector’s readers by extending an argument to a a date the 28h t0 the 29th when the topics were differrent. So okease allow me the privilege of a similar delay.

        Oxfordhandbooks.com is a great tool for learning about word usage and word distinctions.Here’s what it says about a hyperbole and a lie:
        Both metaphor and hyperbole are akin to lying in saying something that is strictly speaking false


        Why is it that you always have something unflattering to say about the Pens, but you hardly ever have much of anything to say about the Leafs” Are you afraid that your neighbors would bury your car in snow?

    • The NMC is the big sticking point. Leaving that aside, Canucks would let Halak go cheap if the trade were soon (before he plays two more games and triggers bonus which will affect Canucks cap hit next season as an overage). Spencer Martin has demonstrated he can be a competent NHL backup so they wouldn’t particularly want Desmith – they might take his contract but it would be negative value from Canucks’ perspective, I think. Halak for a 3rd, or Halak and a 5th for Desmith and a 2nd.

      I’m not familiar with Ruhwedel’s play and don’t have a good sense of his value. Schenn has been solid this year and has played above his cap hit. Canucks probably want to keep him since his salary is reasonable and he pairs well with Hughes, but he’s obviously not untouchable if the return is attractive.

      • Thanks EVG

        Was hoping for a two-fer-two (plus pick(s)/asset(s) )

        Pens are in tough re a back-up. DeSmith has been really bad this year. Domingue came in and was excellent … but just one game to go on; and then he had a “freak”(?) injury in practice … puck on foot… so he’s out … not sure on return date… and was that 1 game an anomaly ?.

        Pens can ill afford to wear out their starter (Jarry) who has been lights out; then have him so worn out he’s not ready for the playoffs in top shape

        Was hoping DeSmith could be taken in the deal; but he can be buried for most of his contract cap hit

        Ruhweedel is struggling huge. He is a journeyman depth Dman that at times has been in the press box for a couple of months straight and then comes in… does “ok” in low usage in those cases

        This year; due to Cap space they started him at regular 3RD

        He was OK for about 3 weeks

        The last 6 weeks he has gone downhill; and very fast downhill in the last 3 weeks

        He’s small so he has always had trouble moving anybody out and away from his goalies; but he also has a load of mental gaffs… following his D partner in the corner and leaving a guy unprotected in front of the net; joining a rush that doesn’t exist leaving his D partner oft defending 2 on1s or some 3 on 1s… many times unfortunately ending up with a Goal against. His pauses (giving and receiving) tend to be off. He also provides very very little in offence …. Absolute lowest PPG on team for any Pen who has played more than 5 games

        Schenn; is close to 40 lbs heavier; waaay stronger; 3” taller; much more of an offensive threat ; and defensively on another planet compared to CR; and Schenn is poised; and most importantly… under contract (only $100 K more than CR) for another year. They are only 6 months apart in age.

        with your information that ‘Nucks would not wish to take on DeSmith; and knowing CR could then also be buried if Nucks say no to having him…

        What then is the ask for Halak and Schenn… again noting that Halak must agree; but also with the mindset that moving Halak, helps the Nucks in space (PB soon to kick in)?

      • Big picture, the Canucks need to improve RHD and get cap space. Moving Halak quickly would help with the cap space, but Halak + Schenn isn’t going to get the kind of top-four mobile defensive RHD the Canucks need.

        Canucks would rather trade Hamonic or Poolman than Schenn. Schenn has more value because he’s on a great contract and has played well this season.

        Ultimately I think the Canucks’ ask for Halak might be a 3rd but there’s the NMC issue. For Schenn I don’t think there’s an ask, I think they just listen to offers and see if anyone will offer enough to make it worthwhile. GMs get crazy this time of year.

        I think other teams are looking at Miller, Motte and Burroughs. I hadn’t heard any discussion of Schenn until you posted today.

      • Thanks EVG

        Capfreindly says PB when he hits 10 games played … not sure if it literally means playing in a game (I.E. dressing as a back up doesn’t count)

        How long is Demko out?

        If they could go Demko/ Martin for a while; then if they reach the point where it appears they are out… maybe Halak waives to go to a playoff team… Pens would definitely have him playing… so he gets is PB

        3rd might be difficult for HexBurkie to move on

        DeSmith played well tonight (lost in shootout)…. Have to see how future games go and/or when Domingue returns

        Was hoping for Schenn

  4. “Iain MacIntyre reports Patrik Allvid”


  5. Gries is an upgrade on Koskinen. I have been hoping that Holland acquires him for a while now.

    • I would applaud this decision, at least Greiss might get some games, as Blash is playing Ned almost every night!

      • @MrBruin

        DeBrusk may very well get traded solo but not for anything of significance…a lottery pick like a 3rd or 4th rounder. If the Bruins don’t qualify him at $4.1M in the summer he becomes a UFA…just like Ritchie. That’s why I was comparing the two.

        He may very well be packaged into a bigger deal but the most important thing they’ll get by trading him is cap space. As it stands they currently have $2.1M in space. With DeBrusk gone it would be $5.75M…plenty of space to add a #2C or LD

      • With the way the injuries are piling up in Ottawa – and the loads of cap space they have – I could see them jumping into the DeBrusk picture with a 2nd rounder and maybe someone like Watson, Sanford or Sabourin – or perhaps D-man Josh Brown.

      • Hey Daryl, on Cap Friendly is says their deadline cap space is over $10M, not gonna check their math, so will go with it.

        George, not arguing the value for OTT in trading for DeBrusk, but for BOS they would just keep him. They need quality players for a playoff run, and he is better than those guys. The 2 teams are in different places, which is why I think the only way he gets traded , one for one, is based on need. B’s get a LD from a deep deep on the blue line and needs a winger. Both heading to the playoffs.

        Likely won’t happen, so the B’s will have a decision in off season.

      • Oh, I fully agree Ray. As matters now stand, they’re not going to get a better, NHL-ready player in any deal, so there’s really no point in moving him at this stage.

        My scenario was simply based on the premise – of the type being freely bandied about in here – that, IF Boston were to make the move purely for cap space and so take the best return offered, I could see Ottawa going as high as a # 2 (and it figures to be a high 2nd rounder), plus one of their more “truculent” bodies. But I ain’t holding my breath 🙂

  6. Batherson was having a break out season. That kid is a finisher. Norris last night . Also looked nasty . For those that have not played, there is zero movement at the bottom of the boards.

    DeBrusk with multiple draft picks and prospects to the desert wasteland for Chychrun and a depth player for playoffs

    Oilers making a run with E.Kane ? Should now trade Yamamoto and or Pujularvi for backend help.

    • Hi Silver, much too late to be read by the usual crowd I think, but I have two thoughts:

      Evander Kane coming in without anything leaving except money, one has to admit, ought to address part of their secondary scoring issues, that is, scoring beyond Connor and Leon. It also allows them to move Nuge to the third line if they want to. One scenario I see is:


      From there I’m not sure who would slot in where, but my sense is that if they trade Yamamoto or Puljujarvi for defence, they’ll create another hole up front that cancels out the Kane addition. If Nuge stays on 2nd line in that instance, then their bottom 6 is just as weak as ever.

      There could be other assets the Oilers could trade, but a goaltender would be first on my list before a defenceman.

      That was quite disappointing to see a petty play by Dell put him out of the lineup. When he comes back, I’m sure he’ll be glad to take Filip Zadina’s draft day comments out of his mouth and forward them to Dell, “I’m going to fill (your) net with pucks”