NHL Rumor Mill – April 15, 2022

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Vladimir Tarasenko reportedly wants to remain with the Blues plus the potential cost of Flames winger Johnny Gaudreau’s new contract in today’s NHL rumor mill.


BALLY SPORTS MIDWEST’s Andy Strickland recently tweeted that Vladimir Tarasenko has “made it clear to teammates and coaches” that he wants to stay with the St. Louis Blues.

St. Louis Blues winger Vladimir Tarasenko (NHL Images).

SPECTOR’S NOTE: Tarasenko became a fixture in the NHL rumor mill after requesting a trade last summer amid reports of his unhappiness over the treatment he received by the team’s medical staff for his shoulder surgeries. The Blues were believed to have had trade discussions last summer with several clubs but couldn’t find a suitable offer.

After two injury-shortened seasons, Taranseko is enjoying a bounce-back performance with 31 goals and 72 points in 67 games. The 30-year-old winger is signed through next season with an annual cap hit of $7.5 million and a full no-trade clause.


SPORTSNET: Rory Boylen looked at what Johnny Gaudreau’s next contract will look like. The 28-year-old Calgary Flames left winger is slated to become an unrestricted free agent on July 13. He’s earning $6.75 million annually on his current contract.

With Gaudreau enjoying a career-best 101-point (and counting) season and the Flames poised to clinch a playoff berth, he’s going to receive a significant raise on his next deal. Boylen speculates he could earn $8.5 to $9 million on a multi-year deal but wonders how his playoff performance might affect that number or if the Flames are willing to invest that much to sign him.

Further complicating things for the Flames is winger Matthew Tkachuk becomes a restricted free agent with arbitration rights this summer. It will cost the Flames $9 million to qualify his rights.

Flames management could be forced to choose between Gaudreau or Tkachuk. However, Boylen suggests they could garner cap relief to sign both by buying out the remaining year of center Sean Monahan’s contract.

SPECTOR’S NOTE: The Gaudreau camp could price him out of the Flames’ market if they push for well over $9 million annually by pointing to his performance this season. Tkachuk’s representatives could also do the same for their client.

Shedding Monahan’s $6.375 million cap hit for 2022-23 would go a long way to clearing space to re-sign Gaudreau and Tkachuk. Trading him would be preferable but the recent decline in his performance brought on by hip injuries would make it difficult to swing a cost-cutting deal.

That could leave buying out Monahan as the only reasonable option but that effort could be hampered by his recent season-ending hip surgery. They could place him on long-term injury reserve if he remains sidelined to start next season but would have to free up cap room at some point when he’s ready to return to the roster.


  1. I read Rory’s column and unfortunately I think it will be reversed. Johnny will get minimum 9.5m and Tkachuk should only get 8.5m. I would be very happy if the Flames could sign Johnny to a long term contract at 8.5m.
    Watching every Flames game Johnnny drives the play on that line and Tkachuk is the beneficiary of playing with Lindholm and Johnny.

    I would guess Johnny will get a minimum of 9.5 million. Tkachuk should only get 8.5m but we all know the Tkachuk negotiating tactics. The Flames will have to dig in.
    I don’t see a buy out of Monahan but a trade. In essence they will have to give him away for someone to take his contract.

    It is all very doable as Mangiapane and Kylington will be getting a bit less. I suspect Mangiapane will get in the 4 million range and Kylington will be in the 2.5 million range

    • It may also be possible the Flames could be the next team to use the LTIR loop hole and put Monahan on it in essence ending his career.

    • I don’t see a taker for a give away. Maybe at half retained?

    • Tkachuk will get no less than 9 million because his current deal is set up so that it cost 9 mil in order to qualify him this offseason. If the flames do not qualify him at the 9 mil then he becomes a IFA and walks. He is not going to take less, no one in that family takes less, lol

      • Hey Marty, your probably right about Tkachuk getting 9 million but if him and his agent agree on a long term 8.5 million it can be done. He has to be qualified at 9 if he doesn’t agree to a long term deal.
        Case in point Kotkemeni signed a one year deal at 6.1 million but signed a long term deal at 4.8

  2. Re Monaghan decision for Cap space

    Buyout…. Saves $4M cap next year, but hit with $2M Cap following year

    Retain 50%…. No cap hit 23/24…. Save .$3.1 M in Cap in 22/23

    for the sake of $900K in extra Cap space (buyout vs 50% retain and trade); and then Saving extra $2M in Cap 23/24…. and at least getting something (anything) in trade…. Trade with 50% retained, to me better option

    I’m not sure of the rules…. But I think he can’t be bought out if on LTIR… anybody here know??

    3rd team involved for 50% of 50%…. $1.6 M Cap; $1.5 M cash…. Final team gets Monagan for only Cap hit of only $1.6 M

    Monaghan ;if healthy; should certainly benefit from a change of scenery

    This year…. Note seriously crappy year…. On 82 G pace of 10-18-28; with fully expecting a turnaround year with new venue; and with 6 consecutive seasons with 82 G pace if > 25 goals in his past; and fair sized C that can play W…. At a 1 year Cap hit of only $1.6 M….I’d think there would be suitors

    Mid team retaining $1.5 M cash; $1.6 m Cap)… gets a 2nd (or equivalent prospect)

    Flames (for the sake of the extra $900 K in space [buyout-note zero return AND )2M Cap hit in 23/24)… get a 4th OR 5th (or equivalent prospect)

    Receiving team gets a 3C (with pedigree with f 6 straight 82G pace of >25 Gs) who ABSOLUTELY needs to prove himself…. For…

    2nd (or equiv prospect) and;

    4th or 5th (equiv prospect)

    I think it works

    Who would be the suitors?

    Which teams would be the middle team

    • Call the Devs.

      • Hi redmonsters

        I’d think Arz would also be in on being middle team

    • Pengy, injured players definitely can’t be bought out.

      • Thanks CanadianKing

        I was “fairly” sure , but not 100% sure

        So the buyout just may be nixed if he gets a Dr’s backing

      • Yea, i think that would be a likely outcome. Flames may just be stuck with him.

  3. Can’t buy out an injured player . That window could close and the Flames could be stuck with at least half of Monahan’s cap hit. I still think a real possibility Johnny goes to Philly. Tkachuk will issue a ransom note.

    • Hi SS

      Re “ Tkachuk will issue a ransom note.”… good one…. Had me chuckling 👍😄

  4. I might add Gaudreau replaces Giroux and would start at 8.5
    Tkachuk will sign $9m and be the next Captain

    • Tckachuk 82 G pace of 41-61-102

      Johhny Hockey 82 G pace if


      Very hard for Flames to NOT re-up both

      Flames can put in QO on Tkachuck at $9M but settle on an 8 yr pkg for less

      He won’t take a penny less than his brother

      8 @ $8.5 M

      Johnny Hockey the better player right now (IMHO) , but 4 1/2 years older; waaaay smaller; UFA; and born an hour away from Phi; raised 45 mins from Phi; Phi has Giroux freed up space…. So bid coming from Flees…. So there are many variables working against re-upping him

      If Flames can swing the two of them combined (for 7 or 8 tears) @ total of $17 M… bully for them

      No matter what… space needed… best move… trade Monoghan @ 50% retained

    • Hi SS

      Is part of the Ransom note (written by Dad) ; an assurance of Captaincy?

  5. To all here who celebrate as I…

    Have a blessed Good Friday ; and on Sunday… Happy Easter

    To those here of the Jewish Faith… Chag Pesach sameach (did I get that right?)

  6. Just realized something that seemed to fly under the radar…

    Had Pens won in Reg on Tuesday; AND Caps won last night… 8 teams in East play-off locked; while only Avs (as at now) locked in for playoffs

    More than likely East locked in this weekend; but West could be determined on last day of season